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7 comments on “Sound Off

  1. San Clemente Artist Gal Musette, who is only 14 and already toured with The Magnetic Fields in the Midwest, should be covered. Only writing songs for less than 2 years and already played 20 shows, and 45 songs…worth checking in to.


  2. Check out CHERRY ROAD and JUST IN CASE at the SADDLE BAR in Solana beach on Thursday August 15th. $5 8:30pm


  3. Music- soundcloud.com/cherryroad or


  4. Dear Sounds in San Diego

    In honor of children who are battling life threatening illness, we are putting on a one-day music festival to uplift, support, raise funds and cheer on all those who have been affected. Cancerstock San Diego will take place April 11, 2015 from 12pm -10 pm.

    We need to spread the word about this event to everyone in and around San Diego. Will you help us connect with our fellow San Diegans and get us one step closer to making this an amazing event?

    25% of CSD gross proceeds benefits Sons of Charity, a non-profit community based organization whose mission is to directly assist kids and families going through the most trying times in their lives dealing with terminal illness. Melodic Caring Project will nationally live stream the event to children in their hospital rooms while entertainers send shout-outs of encouragement from the stage.

    Please go to our website or respond to this email for more information. Thanks for your time!

    Warm Regards,

    Erik, event planning assistant


  5. Great new song called Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne! Check it out off her new album, Under My Skin!


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