One of the best parts of being part of the local San Diego music community is getting to meet and talk to the folks that create the musical magic around town. Interviews give me a chance to ask my fan girl questions and give artists and other music folks the chance to tell people about their projects in their own words. Here are the interviews I’ve been lucky enough to score so far. If you have suggestions for other musical magicians I should speak with let me know.

Say Hello: An Interview with Social Club – 8/5/13

Come Along: An Interview with Vicci Martinez – 7/18/13

Get What You Want: An Interview with Dustin Lothspeich of Chess Wars, Boy King, & Old Tiger – 5/9/13

Next To Know: An Interview with Erik Canzona of The Heavy Guilt – 3/29/13

Heart Full Of Heat: An Interview with Megan Liscomb of Boy King – 3/4/13

Funky Drummer: An Interview of Sorts with Jake Najor – 2/13/13

Shifting All Along The Dial: Another Interview with Al Howard – 1/22/13

Hey There: An Interview with Shelbi Bennett of The Midnight Pine – 1/3/13

One More Whiskey Pour: An Interview With Nena Anderson – 5/6/12

Everybody Wants To Know Where You’ve Been: An Interview With John Cooper of The Howls – 5/01/12

Leaving Its Trails: An Interview with Joshua Zimmerman of The Silent Comedy – 4/12/12

It’s a Long, Long Ride: An Interview with Greg Peters of Dead Feather Moon 2/29/12

Every Soul Hears it Differently: An Interview with Al Howard of The Heavy Guilt – 2/14/12


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