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Friday Find -Endless “Summer Day” by Amerikan Bear 11/17/2014

Life offers its greatest experiences when things don’t go according to plan. On this particular Friday, not only did plan A to road trip to my next race fail, but so did the backup idea to drive to Pappy & Harriet’s and dance to favorite local artists, Transfer, Barbarian, Madly, and Low Volts, while celebrating my friend’s birthday.

Fortunately, in this great town of ours, the weather provides tons of sun to light a run toward the next challenging goal, and a culture full of phenomenal music to dance to here at home.

Still craving an open road and starlit November sky, I scoured the music scene and found Tower Bar’s garage style, surf rock line-up for tonight. This is a genre to satisfy any road trip accompaniment in wheels going anywhere or nowhere. So this week’s Friday Find features Summer Day, by Amerikan Bear.

This five man band from Encinitas, melds 60’s psychedelia, soul, and surf rock in a musical styling that would feel at home on the soundtrack for Endless Summer. What could pair better with this Santa Ana induced November summer weather, and rock n’ roll a chill night into a hot weekend? Juxtaposing Bear’s visceral cry, “The love that leaves me in the dark,” Summer Day musically fills a hopeful California mood while vocalizing a heart haunted as darkly as Omar Veyeta’s rattling guitar riffs.

Along with Amerikan Bear’s set tonight, Tower Bar has matched more great live music that includes Los Angeles based Jesus Sons, Moonshine, settled here in San Diego, and Dark Seas from Salt Lake City.  This will be a garage rocking, dive bar, good time to electrify anyone’s soles also found on an unexpected road this weekend.

I hope to see your dancing shoes tonight at Tower Bar, too.


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