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Listen in: Blackout Party’s “Go Easy, Louise”

With perennial San Diego Music Award nominees Blackout Party set to drop a new album, “Float On Towards Our Doom,” this fall — the band has shared their second single from the upcoming full-length with us: “Go Easy, Louise.”

A different animal than the recently released title track, the band aims for heartstrings with this one rather than the jugular. Leaning into nostalgic sentiment about the impending death of a loved one, the group settles into an buoyant mid-tempo ramble while tackling a formidable subject which could weigh down even the savviest of songsmiths. Instead, it sounds more celebratory than mournful — pounding drums prop up soaring choruses and when the bridge hits, a ripping electric guitar splits time with an explosive slide lead.

According to lead singer/guitarist Brian Holwerda, “I wrote this one for my Grandma Louise right before she passed a while back. Most people can probably relate to this subject, dealing with a loved one trapped in their physical body — wishing they could be released and finally find peace. We were able to get a clip of her speaking to me on the phone and used it in the intro here; one of my favorites off the new record.”

The local quintet have also recently announced an IndieGoGo campaign to help them with mixing, mastering and pressing the new album. Please go here to lend a hand (and be sure to buy that swirly “swamp green, wizard purple” vinyl!).

Want to touch the vinyl... Aaaaaawooooo!

Want to touch the vinyl… Aaaaaawooooo!

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