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Friday Find – “God of Small Things” by The Burning of Rome – 5/2/14

The Burning of Rome had me hooked from the first time I heard them, almost two years ago, at a live performance on the Lafayette hotel’s back patio (also a show where I fell in love with a couple of other favorite local rock groups).

Having sung, danced and head-banged to the intense, uplifting energy of this prog rock group more than a few times since, I feel that same excited energy for their recent single release, “God of Small Things,” a track on their new album, Year of the Ox.

Immaculate and ethereal feminine vocals in “God of Small Things” awaken visceral emotions that beautifully blend with a baroque-pop piano, strong, energetic rhythms, and masculine melodies. This song elegantly weaves surrealistic emotional grief and physical pains of the flesh with a nostalgic eerieness out of a vintage horror film to create a gorgeous, musical work of art.

Be sure to check out The Burning of Rome’s new album and live performance at their record release show for Year of the Ox also featuring Hell or High Water, Eukaryst and Fairy Bones, on May 23, at Casbah San Diego.


Editor’s note: Big thanks to Sandy Myskowski for previewing this great new track and on her birthday no less! Happiest of days to Miss S! See y’all at the release show!

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