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The New Kinetics: Back with a Bang – Part III

Tonight’s the night! The New Kinetics will be reuniting in a big way at Casbah with Gloomsday, Schitzophonics, and The Nformals. Catch up on this three part interview here and here and read on and rock on!

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Peterson

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Peterson

Part III: 

Sounds In San Diego: In hindsight and now looking ahead- what do you thing the biggest obstacles that The New Kinetics will be facing here in San Diego scene?

Joshua Kmak: I’m so positive about this I don’t see any.

Birdy Bardot: Me neither I think it’s a great scene.  I think it’s super supportive.  It’s changed a lot over the last coupla years.  And it’s like for the good.  There’s a lot of people that are supporting local music.  I don’t think that that many when you (Indicates Brian Reilly) were in Hotel [St. George] People back it really enthusiastically.   They want to go to shows they want to see you perform.  I don’t think there are that many.

Brian Reilly: When I was in Hotel the scene was a very self-serving type of environment. It’s completely different now.  Over the last two or three years it has gone from being very compartmentalized to you know musical style.  From exhibition to full on branded shows you see that.  People wanna listen to each other.

Jon Bonser: There are obvious obstacles but they’re easy to overcome them.  There are places to play.  I feel like you get out of it what you put into it.

Reilly:  If you limit yourself you decide your own level.

Kmak: I feel like sometimes it takes a thing falling apart to see how it works.  Looking at it and how we are now is quite different.  Sometimes you have to take a step back to appreciate what you have,-even more.

Reilly:  I think we spent too much time in the middle of a mess last year.  It is a totally different environment than it was five six years ago.  Bands were not crossing over into different neighborhoods and genres to see each other play and now it’s completely normal to see some band that is extraordinarily heavy and they are sitting at the Tin Can listening to a full blown pop band.  And vice versa pop bands that are wandering around wearing Deep Sea Thunder Beast t-shirts.  Y’know it’s a completely different environment.  Hopefully it doesn’t stop. Cause I remember like seven years that there was kinda an environment like that not nearly as close and it kinda just stopped.  It looked like it was turning into that but it just stopped.  At this point it doesn’t appear to be doing that it seems to be expanding.

Bardot:  Yeah there’s constantly newer bands.

Bonser: And y’know five years ago when we started the band nobody was playing garage rock.

Reilly:  Not unless they were literally in a garage trying to figure out cords.

Bonser:  There really wasn’t a lot of people for us to play with  . We had heard about this band, The Schitzophonics, but that was about it.  But we didn’t know them.

Bardot:  At the time.  Then we saw them at The Skybox and it was like YES!!!!

Bonser: And now there’s a bajillion bands out there.

Reilly: The Schitzophonics.  They are still that band that I like to go see.  Cause A) It’s really extraordinarily good to see them play. And B) Simultaneously it makes me wanna go home and practice. A lot.

Bonser: I think the other thing that we’re gonna try and do is play less shows.  Not like we were like almost once a weekend.

Reilly: You can do once a month in every city.  If we wanna do more shows we just gotta get out and do more cities.

SISD: So you are talking about touring more?

Reilly and Bonser: Yes.

5 S’ of Sounds in SD 

Sound you love:
Kmak: The click of the Storm Topper’s boots clicking when they march.

Reilly: Yeah that’s not bad actually.

Kmak: And anyone who reads this will know what I’m talking about. Also mixing macaroni and cheese.

Reilly: Oh!  That sounds gross!

Kmak: That’s one of the best sounds ever.

Reilly: I won’t advocate the mac & cheese part,-that’s a filthy noise.

Bonser: I think we should do a collective answer…

Bardot: The sound of the Ice Cream Man’s truck.  Mr. Softy.  I used to love that- is that too weird?  And little beagle puppies howling. They’re just adorable.

Sound you hate:

Bonser: My neighbors yelling at their kids all day long.

Kmak: That! That’s the best one.

Reilly:: I hate it when people are behind you and light just turns and  they don’t give you the “mem mem”, the “Hey heads up” honk, they just give ya the MMMMEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMM, “Fuckin’ Bullshit!” honk and they just lean on the horn.

Spot in SD you have to see:
Bardot: Coronado Theatre,-it’s a really fun theatre.  We love Coronado plenty.  We love hanging out there, if you haven’t been to San Diego and you’re gonna see a movie and you’re gonna see a movie that’s where ya gotta go. Ah oh and Mt. Helix! That place is awesome fun.

Kmak: I tell everybody to go see a show at Bujwah– it is a tiny art house and they put on shows.

Bardot:  Yeah they are putting on some fantastic shows there.  They have art work.  They’ve been around for a little while I remember about a year ago when the fella was opening up the shop.  I think they’ve done a bunch of “Bujwah presents” shows and they kinda transport their art gallery over to the shows it’s a good scene definitely worth checkin’ out.

Reilley: Tourmaline Beach I used to go there like daily when I still had my wagon and I would just go get in the water for like 8 hours straight.  The place is just buried on a dead end and there’s like a bunch of crazy old cats that hang out there but it’s like my favorite spot to be at.

Bonser: I think if you’re coming to San Diego Motor Sport Scooters. I don’t really get out too much or anything but…

Kmak:  I might also add Sutton’s [Papanikolas, from Neighbors To The North] house. It’s the coolest house in the world.

Reilly:  That is a pretty nice house.

Sand Diego band you’re a fan of:

Bardot: I have a bit of a soft spot for really good punk rock, that’s how I started and I think that the touchies don’t get mentioned enough so I gotta say the touchies. They’re really hard workers and Stanze is an amazing front person who has that stage make up that I’ve always wanted.  That like “OK we’re the touchies and we’re gonna play a song!” And they’re really great so I kinda wanna spotlight them if I can.  Obviously there are so many bands that I like that it’s really unfair to even say that I have any favorites.  But I do wanna say them cause the other great thing about them is that they are sooo supportive.  They are at every show.  And they never get on the list.  They’re happy to pay they’re happy to support and they’re the nicest people.  I mean we’re really lucky that our scene is really nice but I wanna highlight them cause they make that extra effort.  There are just sooo many good bands. I mean The Frights just knock my socks off they are so fun to watch.

Kmak: I want it to be special so I gotta think about this…Go see Kids I saw them at the Ché Café  about a week ago with The Frights and they knocked my socks off.

Reilly: Band I’m a fan of?  I’m a fan of so many of them.  Let’s see If I had to pick a band that’s really blew me away I’d have to say Deep Sea Thunder Beast. Justin [Cota] told me it’s kinda heavy so feel free if you wanna leave.  And he was like all: You didn’t leave? And I was like “Nope.”

Bonser: I’m so terrible about that. I haven’t been out to see that many recently so I’m gonna go with The SchitzophonicsThe Nformals are good too.

Reilly: I don’t really like that band *grins widely*

Song that makes you smile:

Reilly: “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny. Ever since I was like five that song has made me smile or “Salute Your Solution” by The Raconteurs,I ‘m sorry I know that’s like their run away single but it’s just… I remember hearing that song and thinking I wanna play music like this.

Kmak: “Girlfriend” by Ty Segall

Bonser: I’ve been listening to that Tame Impala song “Glass Half Full of Wine”.

Bardot:  I can’t decide!!!

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