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The New Kinetics: Back with a Bang – Part II & Friday Find: “Reverie” – 4/4/14

From the “editor” Jen VT:

Yesterday we launched this three-part interview with The New Kinetics. [Read part I here.] Clearly, we’re all so excited to see the band reunite tomorrow April 5 at the Casbah. And one of our contributors and TNK super fan Natalie Watson Webber sat down to find out how we got here. Enjoy a few more questions and answers below and also give a listen to one of our favorite TNK tracks, “Reverie.”

In keeping with our weekly tradition we share this song as my Friday Find. It is a long time favorite and I’m excited to introduce (or re-introduce) it to you. To me represents the dreamy romantic state in which we anticipate the band’s reunion. “The feeling’s different this time around…”


Part II:

Sounds in San Diego: What was the decision process like from the band’s point of view to get back to this point?  Deciding to come back and make a go of it?
Joshua Kmak: It was a big deal-it took meetings. It wasn’t like ‘Ok let’s do this.’  ‘Yeah sure!’ It was like a coupla weeks of processing.
Birdy Bardot: It was a big deal. Thinking about it and deliberating.
Jon Bonser: There were meetings.

Kmak: There were talks.

Bardot: We all kinda knew that it was the right thing to do- I hope. I mean it definitely feels right to me.

Brian Reilly: Yeah it wasn’t a snap decision.  And everybody wasn’t on-board.  And I was nervous about it.  Cause there were some parts of it where it could be it hellish.  It’s the conflicts you can have running a band.  Doing this all over again.  It coulda been pretty bad.

Kmak: It wasn’t just an reboot.  It was like:  “Ok if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this.”

Reilly: Yeah,-it wasn’t like we were just gonna play one show and relive old memories.  Y’know fuck that shit.  Y’know let’s go and put a whole new record out.  A good record.  The kinda record that we’ve been trying to make the last two or three times.  Without all the fluffy overdubs…

Bonser: I mean I feel like we were asking ourselves these questions we were still didn’t really know all the answers to yet.  We haven’t played any shows, we haven’t recorded anything.  We haven’t had any sessions yet.  We’re sorta still feeling it out.  I think one of the decisions early on is that we’re gonna try and have more fun this time and not be as serious.

Bardot: Yeah absolutely.

Reilly: Not be a bunch of Gloom Cookies.

Bonser: Just not try and take everything all quite so seriously.

SISD: Given the band’s phenomenal prior success what do you feel biggest challenges will be this time around? Or do you think it’ll be easier in a way?

Bonser: I dunno. I think we can just pick up where we left off.  For the most part.  Is it gonna be easier?  I dunno? I hope not.

Kmak: You hope it’s not easier?

Reilly: I hope not. Cause I felt like,-I dunno about you guys but I was getting lazy towards the end I see footage of the last show and I think ‘That’s not the way to do it.” I was falling over and I was exhausted.  And I know me and Jon butted heads cause I told Jon “I’m burnt out.” Cause I’ve been going at it for like six years straight you’re watching holidays come and go and you don’t really have those holidays without that; cause it’s that people that you’re playing with that that you wind up celebrating that sorta stuff with and that’s where it’s tough with Oh sure birthdays come and go but Hey, who give a fuck if you’ve got your birthday schedule open cause all the people you woulda been spending time with are gone cause you don’t play music.  You know like I hope it’s not easy.  And we react better when it’s a mess. And that we react better when there are other bands that are very competitive.  Cause we’re not the best band.  I mean we try to write the best songs.  But I mean by the time TNK was wrapping up last time I definitely coasted into that landing. It was embarrassing.  I looked at footage from that last show and it was just ridiculous.  I looked like a bible salesman and played guitar like a nancy.

Bonser:  He has very high standards.

Reilly:  I dunno… everybody else on stage was paying their dues and I was up there just restin’ on my laurels.

Bonser: I feel like we have something to live up to. So that’s kinda stressful.  Like if we don’t nail this first show. Y’know?

Reilly: Yea that could be bad.

Bardot: We’re sounding good. I’m really excited about it.  I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Bonser: I think where we left it there were still some unanswered questions.  So we can play the Casbah on a Friday and headline so what’s the next step?  What’s that step beyond? Playing LA?-

Reilly:  Yeah that great invisible barrier.

Bonser:  Or finding a label support etc.

Kmak:  That’s why we need to have a dinner party with guests.

Reilly:  A dinner party? Can I wear a top hat?

Bardot:  Why not a tea party?

Reilly:  Yes, we’ll all walk about and say “Hello fellow gentlemen musicians…”

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Petersen

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Petersen

SISD: Tell us how the 4/5 show came about? And how that would be the debut?

Reilly: I blame him (points at Kmak)

ALL: *laughs*

Kmak:  Yeah,-that would be my fault.

Reilly: Yup,-I was actually really surprised that you went along with it. I didn’t think ya would. (points at Bonser)

Bonser:  Why?

Reilly:  Well, cause like I know that you were-well that *is* a good show.  I guess I just didn’t really think that

Bonser:  My criteria was let’s play on a Friday

Bardot:  They are fun to watch.

Kmak: Originally the show was gonna be Justin Cota’s [Gloomsday] birthday show…It was gonna be The Frights, Gloomsday and the Nformals.  And I had accidentally told Tim Mays that I was gonna try and get the Schitzophonics on the bill.  Then I remembered that they might be on tour at that time.  And I was like Crap! I’m losing Tim Mays I gotta reel him back in with something so I dropped the bomb on them (BR, BB, & JB) that: I know that this is a long shot but there’s this show happening at The Casbah in April would you wanna do it??  And surprisingly everyone was onboard.  So I got back to Tim and I said “Hey, The New Kinetics might be interested in making this their return show. And he said: “Oh how about we make it a Saturday? Or this Friday or something?” And then a coupla emails later we have a monster of a show and it all worked out.

Reilly:  Yeah,-it ain’t too bad.

Bonser: I mean I think outta any of the bands that we’ve played with I think the Schitzophonics, that’s the bands that we want around us. Right?

Bardot:  Yeah.  I mean they’re all such fun performers.  And you can never get enough of watching Justin and Lori.

Bonser:  And of course the Nformals too, Josh.

Bardot:  Oh YEAH!  Everyone’s such great performers.

SISD: Are you guys going back into the studio anytime soon?

Reilly: Yes as quickly as possible.

Bonser: We have get things cleaned up a bit,-but the general plan is the next month or two. We’ll be back.

Bardot: Yup.

Reilly: We’re probably just short of an  EP right now.

Kmak: Can I say how excited I am excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on?

Bardot & Reilly: No. Yeah.

Kmak:  It’s so good.  *Cheshire cat smile spreads across JK’s face*

Stay tuned for part III/the finale of this interview tomorrow/Saturday before the big show!

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