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Music (and romance) is in the air…

In honor of this silly little holiday I’ve put together a list of great local bands who happen to feature a couple in their lineup. Whether they fell for one another making rad tunes or decided to put together a band after making sweet music off stage these are some of our favorites. Who are yours?


The New KineticsHappy to put Brian Reilly and Birdy Bardot’s project on lists again. The couple and their band mates will reunite in April with a killer lineup at the Casbah and we know we’re not the only ones looking forward to it with bated breath. Brian and Birdy have a raw chemistry that makes for powerful and riotous rock music. Get your hands on these red hot tickets here to catch them April 5 with Gloomsday, The Frights, and The Nformals. $10.


Gloomsday at Tower Bar  • Photo by Dustin Lothspeich

Gloomsday at Tower Bar • Photo by Dustin Lothspeich

Speaking of this dynamic duo they are also a romantic couple. With gritty garage rock that manages to stay accessible Lori Sokolowski and Justin Cota bring great balance to their hard-hitting tunes. And any pair that pulls off a Wayne’s World couple’s costume for Halloween are damn cool in my book. They are yet another reason to catch that show on 4/5.

The Whiskey CircleSinger Leanna May Patterson and husband Puck are as cute a couple as they come. Their vintage style matches the classic rock sound of their band with its wailing guitars (courtesy of Daniel Cervantes). They’ll be packing their big sound in to Tin Can tomorrow night (2/15) with Hello Penelope and Tall Tales and The Silver Lining. Only $5.

Uniform VictorFlanking the stage on bass and guitar respectively Lia Dearborn (Mittens) and Ed Loza are that jealousy-invoking combo of cute and talented. UV’s indie rock charm comes with a hearty helping of harmonies and I can’t wait to get out for their next show. Soon please, y’all!


Schitzophonics at the Casbah • Photo by Jason Bang

Schitzophonics at the Casbah • Photo by Jason Bang

One of the wildest front men to watch in San Diego is Pat Beers. His one-of-a-kind style is something you gotta see to believe- just make sure you stand back. When you peel your eyes from Pat take a gander at the bad ass chick powerfully pounding the drum kit- yep, that’s the Mrs. Pat and wife Lety along with bass player Tom Lord took home an SDMA last year for Best Hard Rock. Schitzos play frequently so keep an ear out and don’t miss ’em.

The Black Sands/Podunk Nowhere: Heather and Johnny Janiga bring their magical musical marriage to not one, but two bands with Heather’s vocals providing a gentle twang to each band. With Podunk Nowhere she and her guitarist hubby do their alt-country bluesy thing. With The Black Sands they’re part of a larger ensemble with a bit more rock to it. In both iterations the couple (and their connection) glows.

Duping The Public: Gerardo Baladon and Angie Walton are the power couple in this group. Walton’s dreamy vocals channel a tinge of Blondie over songs that vary from psychedelic to folk styles of rock. The sexy siren and handsome hubby guitarist are a music-match made in heaven.

The Sure Fire Soul EnsembleOne of keyboardist Tim Felten’s many projects – this one also features his wife Sherryl on the shekere. The large group combines funk, soul, and jazz finding ways for each member to shine. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Feltens and their bandmates tonight at Riviera Supper Club. Free show starting at 9:30 p.m.

Tiffany Jane and The Kicks: This jazzy upbeat group of young musicians are a lot of fun to watch. Front woman Tiffany Jane has a deep soul to her voice and is backed by a great group of guys including her boyfriend, guitarist Paul Raini Castelluzzo. She’ll be playing a Valentine’s show tonight at Osetra at 9 p.m.

Creature and The Woods: One of the newest editions to the list – Shelbi Bennett (The Midnight Pine) has found a musical (and beyond) match in Roger Molina and I, for one, am stoked. Along with Leanna May Patterson (The Whiskey Circle) the trio are getting their start with gorgeous harmonies and a stripped down sound that is pleasantly pure. Catch them on February 26 at U-31 with other great bands in the same vein. Info here. $6.

Neighbors to the North: With the award for Best Bromance I’m including the guys in NTTN. They also get extra points in my book for managing to play as frequently as they do while holding down tight bonds at home. Sutton, Danny, and Paul are all happily married (sorry ladies) and you’ll frequently see their lovely wives out in support. These great women are members 4,5, and 6 of the band if you ask me. The dudes will be rockin Gallagher’s next Friday (2/21) with Mrs. Henry (free show!) and a cancer benefit at ‘Til Two on March 8 with the $8 cover going to a special little girl with a rare form of cancer. Showing that kind of love with their music- I had to give them an extra shout.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

One comment on “Music (and romance) is in the air…

  1. Be sure to check out Kodaline on 2/25 at Casbah!!


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