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Get Thankful for Great Music: November San Diego Show Prevew

November 1 – Schitzophonics, Shake Befores Us, Flaggs, and Chinese Rocks at The Casbah. $8. Fresh off their San Diego Music Awards win for Best Hard Rock, Schitzophonics are headlining the rip-roaring rock show to kickstart the month. Their psychedelic flavor is a sound and sight to behold as singer/guitarist Pat Beers performs in his spastic signature way. Shake Before Us are a real highlight on the bill with their surfy-garage style and retro rock vibe. Check out more on them with part 1 of our interview with SBU keyboardist/vocalist Will Lerner (spoiler alert: tonight’s show will mark a lineup change for the band.) Flaggs are the newish kids on the block although the members of the band have been mainstays in The Nervous Wreckords and The New Kinetics. Their music fits this bill with a post-punk garage thread. And lastly Chinese Rocks I know nothing about but their Facebook states their genre is “rock and roll” so there ya go.

November 3 – The 1975 with Linus Young at Belly Up Tavern. $14 adv / $16 day of / $25 reserved. Eeeek! I’m really really really excited for this one. I’ve gotten quite addicted to The 1975 so I was beyond stoked to see the British indie-pop-rock band was coming back to SD after I missed them at Casbah this summer. Their songs vary greatly and I seem to find a new favorite every week. “Heart Out” reminds me of everything I love about great catchy pop tunes of the 80s. A vastly different song, “Me” is darkly haunting, ethereal, and wildly intoxicating. Another somber one “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You?” reminds me of Scottish singer, Paulo Nutini with it’s delicate piano and hushed vocals. Yet ANOTHER favorite of the moment, “Settle Down” brings the tempo back up with perky synths and quirky romance-tinged lyrics. And the band has cool hair… Can you tell I’m obsessed? Openers Linus Young are enigmatic boy-girl duo with just enough pop to their indie-rock that they seem a great teaser before the 1975 set.

November 13 – The Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio at Bay Hill Tavern. Free. I’m admittedly a complete noob when it comes to jazz music. I have been growing an appreciation for it over the past year, especially thanks to knowing guys like this trio of musicians. Every 2nd Wednesday Matt Smith (duh), Mackenzie Leighton, and Ed Kornhauser play for the patrons of Bay Hill Tavern in Clairemont. The gents are wickedly talented and bring a lot of youthful energy to genre. Give a listen (and buy!) their debut album “Shorthanded” here.

November 29 – Gone Baby Gone, The Filthy Violets, The Frights, and The Phantoms at The Casbah. $6. This is the kind of show that makes me balk at the price. So basically you’re paying $1.50 per band here… ridic. Gone Baby Gone have the retro rock thing down to a science from the look to the sound. It’s no surprise they were last month’s Local Break on 91X (for the second time) with the sexy and fun “Hard to Love, Easy to Lay.”  If The Frights bandwagon has any room left, I’m jumping on. These young dudes are just absolutely fucking kill it. Their surf-rock-garage style is totally relevant and timely for the San Diego scene. They seem to be making good choices – playing with other great bands (including this bill) at a variety of venues and even getting outta town a bit. They released their debut self-titled album on Halloween- the same day they crushed The Office for SoundDiego’s spooky bash. Good timing and good times. The Filthy Violets have made a resurgence as of late I couldn’t be happier to see them doing so well. Recordings are in the works and their post-punk with a touch of pop music make me wanna dance. Plus they’re hella nice dudes.

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