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22 Day Song Challenge – Day 21: Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

If you need to catch up on what it is we’re doing here check out the post from Day 1 and meet our panel of rad here. Or click on their names below to see their band page or stalk them on social media. They like that.

Feel free to answer each prompt for yourself in the comments below. We love to hear about as many genres and bands as we can all around town. The only rule is you must use San Diego musicians/bands. To make it extra challenging try not to repeat a band as the days go by. If you want a look at the full list drop me a line. And you can view previous days and compare your answers here.

P.S. Lots of our picks are up for the 2013 San Diego Music Awards so don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

Here we go:


Day 21 – Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

Jen VT: “Settle Down” by Old Tiger* – This week last year I I had a piece on Old Tiger and their CD release published in Mission Valley News. It was my first cover story and I was pretty damn stoked. During that time I binge-listened to the album Love Have Mercy like it was my job… oh, wait- it was my job. Anyways, I had a different favorite song every couple of days (as is the case with any good album). But this track was the one that crept its way into my heart and never left. The piano parts fit the melancholy of the vocals so well. Then there’s the building of the drums up to the achingly beautiful chorus which is backed by a phenomenal choir. To say this song has soul is putting it mildly. One of my all time favorites- last year up til now.

Natalie Watson Webber:  “Man of Tin”  by Uniform Victor – This time last year the folks at Uniform Victor had just finished laying down the tracks for “Man of Tin”.  They’d been kicking it around for a while but here it was go time and they were in the studio!!  EXCITING!!  When Eric got the raw unmixed/edited version he emailed it to me and I think I listened to it in my car on my phone and squealed like a teenager at a 1D show.  I love UV and “Man of Tin” is a song that showcases each of the members doing what they do best. Ed kills it with his guitar solo in the middle.  Eric and Lia’s harmonizing is at their peak darting out between each other’s creating one smooth and stylized sumptuous sound.  Paul’s drumming, as always is amazing,-but wait till you see him (and the rest of the band) live!  “Man of Tin” will always remind me of the beginning of classes 2012 and a what I thought my favorite UV song was,-until they unveiled new material at their most recent show at The Tina Can Ale House this past month and I was reminded of something Eric told me a long time ago in reference to adding to the band’s song writing.  “..they (the song(s) that I loved) need new friends…” I have to admit I was hesitant; -“new” can sometimes be scary.  But in this case the outcome was PHENOMENAL.  Everything that was unveiled that night at The Tin Can was absolutely a worthy companion for my good friend “Man of Tin”. Check them out on Reverbnation and then go like them on Facebook.

Rick Ostop“Oh Dry Land” by John Meeks* – Lost Ark Studios was on a roll the last couple of years continuously cranking out incredible single after incredible single. Producer Mike Butler has a way of drawing the best from the artists he works with and genuinely capturing the essence of their sound.  I can feel John Meeks’ soul on this one.

Andrea Moore: “Give ‘Em Hell” by Little Hurricane*. I loved these guys so much last year it was my goal to see them live before the year ended. I cut it pretty close finally catching them at the Lafayette on NYE.

Paul Moffat“Empty Campfire” – The Black Sands – I had the pleasure of playing the Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market before The Black Sands about a year ago, and they played this song while I was maneuvering my gear across Newport and Bacon to my car.  When Heather reached the chorus, I had to stop.  I’ve never heard the words, “Sing Hallelujah” voiced as poetically.  It was painful and sweet all at once.  So I stood on the corner with my bass in my hand and was locked in for four minutes.  Heather and Johnny are also behind the band, Podunk Nowhere, with whom we shared a stage a couple of weeks ago.  I listened to their whole set, and am a better person today than I was then.  Empty Campfire is a movement that spoke to me

Ryan MillerNon Photo Blue by Pinback* 

Eric Blocker“Lust or Bust” New Kinetics – Ah, what can I say? The New Kinetics. They have the heart and soul of an 80 year old blues legend, roasted over an afterburner. I miss seeing these guys. If this song doesn’t get your head bopping on a swivel then you’re probably living in the basement, in a pine box.

*Indicates San Diego Music Awards nominees. Vote here.

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