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22 Day Song Challenge – Day 20: A Song That You Wish You Could Play

If you need to catch up on what it is we’re doing here check out the post from Day 1 and meet our panel of rad here. Or click on their names below to see their band page or stalk them on social media. They like that.

Feel free to answer each prompt for yourself in the comments below. We love to hear about as many genres and bands as we can all around town. The only rule is you must use San Diego musicians/bands. To make it extra challenging try not to repeat a band as the days go by. If you want a look at the full list drop me a line. And you can view previous days and compare your answers here.

P.S. Lots of our picks are up for the 2013 San Diego Music Awards so don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

Here we go:


Day 20 – A Song That You Wish You Could Play

Jen VT“Hey Baby (Take a Ride)” by Gone Baby Gone – I can’t play an instrument nor sing but if I could I’d wanna do a fun tune like this. GBG frontwoman Dizzy is a treat to watch and I’m jealous of her charisma. I lack all musical talent so I’ll just have a dream but this kick ass jam is worth a listen or ten.

Natalie Watson Webber:  “What Is” by Schitzophonics*: – My Dad is musical, my brothers are musical.  If I’d practiced I might have been too.  :/  My only excuse I have really tiny “Girl Hands”.  That doesn’t do it?  Well, if there’s anybody out there who wants to teach me I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the bass since I knew that was what Paul McCartney played.  And last time I went to Guitar Center there was one there for $99…just puttin’ it out there. If I could play a song it would be “What Is” by The Schitzophonics. Any of them,-they all rock.  More rule breaking. Sorry Jen.  Hands-down, dollar for dollar, I truly believe that The Schitzophonics have to be the hardest working band in San Diego.  I took the easy way out on Day 1 and quoted the LA Reader when trying to describe Lead Guitarist and Vocalist Pat Beers.  But to see him is an experience not to be taken lightly.  Pat with a guitar in his hands makes nearly every other performer you’ve ever seen pale in comparison.  He’s like a man possessed.  He writhes around the stage, jumping around completely consumed by the music.  Often losing his guitar strap in the battle for rock n’ roll.  Yet in between songs you can tell there’s a method to the madness he’s checking levels and tuning up making sure that everything’s just right.  There’s no coincidence that the band sounds that good.  They’re that good because he demands it of himself and of his bandmates as well.  Bassist, Tom Lord, wails away while keeping up with Beers frantic flailing and does so with aplomb and charisma to spare.  Finally, Drummer, Lety Beers, is the glue that holds everything together with a steady and hard-driving no nonsense beat that makes this magical combination connect.  This band connects not only with each other but with fans old and new alike night after night. Make sure you check them out on either Reverbnation or facebook  ASAP.

Rick Ostop“Rumble”by Black Market III* – Scottie Blinn throws around blues licks like he was born at the crossroads. I envy the crunchy Billy Gibbons guitar tone he wields and I swear that I will make my guitar sound like that someday.

Andrea Moore: “Hellfire” by Dirty Sirens*. I just wish that I could be that full of badassery.

Paul Moffat:  “Dancing with the Devil” – The Young Gents.  Not too often that the bass player gets such freedom to wail.  It just so happens that The Young Gents are full up with talented players, and Kieran Devine is a monster bassist.  This song has a tasty bass guitar break, and it’s not that I COULDN’T play it, because I totally could…but wish it was my song to play.

Ryan Miller: “A Thousand Ways Home” by Danny Green*

Eric Blocker“Sleepwalker” Schitzophonics* – Because everyone wishes they could play like Pat Beers. Period.

*Indicates San Diego Music Awards nominees. Vote here.

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