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22 Day Song Challenge – Day 12: A Song That You Wish You Heard On The Radio

If you need to catch up on what it is we’re doing here check out the post from Day 1 and meet our panel of rad here. Or click on their names below to see their band page or stalk them on social media. They like that.

Feel free to answer each prompt for yourself in the comments below. We love to hear about as many genres and bands as we can all around town. The only rule is you must use San Diego musicians/bands. To make it extra challenging try not to repeat a band as the days go by. If you want a look at the full list drop me a line. And you can view previous days and compare your answers here.

P.S. Lots of our picks are up for the 2013 San Diego Music Awards so don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

Here we go:


Day 12 – A Song That You Wish You Heard On The Radio

Jen VT:  “Turns to Dust” by The Paragraphs* – This one was SO hard! I wish local bands got many more radio rotations! And by the way any local music lovers should be tuning into The Local 94/9 and 91X’s Loudspeaker as often as possible on Sunday nights. I can’t help but think how damn groovy it would be to pop on the car radio and hear favorite local artists mixed in… The Paragraphs‘ sound sticks out to me as having the charming accessibility that warrants radio attention. “Turns to Dust” was an instant favorite when The Lost Ark Studio released it and it’s the kind of tune that sweeps you up and coerces you to sing along. Singer Jesse Lee Hofbauer’s heartfelt and earnest delivery is the type of thing I’d love to hear on radio just to know that other people are getting treated to the tune. If you haven’t had the pleasure to see this band live they’re playing The Office next Saturday 9/14 for San Diego Music Thing with the lovely Tori Rogg. And [*shameless plug alert*] there will be a music feature about The Paragraphs in next week’s San Diego CityBeat written by yours truly.

Natalie Watson Webber“Goin’ Home” by The Heavy Guilt* – I’ve been listening to and digging the Heavy Guilt for a few years but the planets never aligned so I was able to see them live until their last show at the Casbah.  All I can say is:  WOW.  Mind. Blown.  I was totally unprepared.  Just hearing the recordings was not enough.  It was like, reading half of a thrilling novel or wearing a beautiful dress without bothering to have your hair or make-up done oh and BTW you forgot your shoes too.  It wasn’t even close to the whole picture.  Maybe had I been more exposed to this impressive band that produced such a wall of sound I wouldn’t feel as though I’d missed out on soooo much!

Rick Ostop“Still Bad Blood” by Transfer* – Someone once told me that Canadian radio is mandated to play a song from a local artist once every hour. Not sure if this is true or not but San Diego should adopt this policy. There are too many great artists in this town for them to ignore, it’s a shame they don’t get more airplay. How are people supposed to learn about new music??!! Ahh… don’t get me started. Transfer’s “Still Bad Blood” has radio written all over it. The production is pristine and the song has all the makings of a hit single.

Andrea Moore: “I’m Not Gonna Let You Go” by Grand Tarantula*. It’s just so catchy and dance-able. It’s stuck in my head as I type this out.

Paul Moffat“Starfisher” by Neighbors to the North –  Self-plug.  I am so proud of what we, as a band, accomplished in writing and executing this particular song on our record.  We really want people to hear it and recognize our accomplishment.  If you know us, you know this song is a big deal.  I must also mention that Brad Lee, our producer, did such an amazing job with this song, that I want it to be heard so he can receive his due accolades.

Ryan Miller: “Friday Night” by Mrs. Magician*. 

Eric Blocker“White like a Black Shirt” The Nformals* – There are many San Diego bands who should be heard on the radio. I like these guys! The music is upbeat, fun and relentless. The Nformals are a force to see live. The vast majority of the general public have no idea of the musical gold mine right in their own back yard. The best part is, the Nformals are our neighbors, so there’s no need to dress up!

Danny Katz: “On Me” by The Nformals* – The fact that this song isn’t in regular rotation on the radio right now is a crime against music. This is what rock on the radio is all about. I challenge you to listen to this song three times without joining in on the chorus…you can’t do it. In fact, stop reading what I’m writing and go listen to this song.

Only a few here for Spotify-ers… click these links though ^^^^ you won’t be sorry!

*Indicates San Diego Music Awards nominees. Vote here.

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