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22 Day Song Challenge – Day 9: A Guilty Pleasure

If you need to catch up on what it is we’re doing here check out the post from Day 1 and meet our panel of rad here. Or click on their names below to see their band page or stalk them on social media. They like that.

Feel free to answer each prompt for yourself in the comments below. We love to hear about as many genres and bands as we can all around town. The only rule is you must use San Diego musicians/bands. To make it extra challenging try not to repeat a band as the days go by. If you want a look at the full list drop me a line. And you can view previous days and compare your answers here.

P.S. Lots of our picks are up for the 2013 San Diego Music Awards so don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

Here we go:

Girl with headphones

Day 9 – A Guilty Pleasure

Jen VT: “I Fall In Love Too Fast” by Nena Anderson* – I call this one a guilty pleasure because of how much I indulge in it. Anderson’s sweet vocals just beg a second listen and my soft side demands listens three, four, five, and six. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who falls easily and hard. I find the achy delivery of the line “I wasn’t looking for a warning sign, to tell me he’d run with my heart” just oh-so-delicious. This one gives me the perfect balance of guilt and pleasure- there’s a reason she’s one of my favorite songstresses in town. :-*

Natalie Watson Webber“Twist and Shout” by Rockola*“A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling  guilt  for enjoying it.” I really don’t have any truly definable “guilty pleasure”associated with the San Diego music scene.  I kinda love it all and own it. So this was a tough one for me. Some people get judgy when it comes to being a “Cover Band”.  Well, to be in a cover band I think has got to be one of the toughest gigs in town.  You not only have to meet the audience’s expectations of what the song has sounded like in their head for the past (!!) years but you have to EXCEED their expectations and kill it every time.  Not so easy. Rockola plays tunes from the late 1950s through the early 1970s and to see them is a veritable ear buffet Las Vegas-style for your ears and believe me they’re gonna binge,-big time. Here’s a tiny sample why I love Rockola so much,-just to whet your appetite there’s a bit of  “Knock on Wood”, “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Bus Stop” and “She’s Not There” in this fantastic medley.  Your next chance to see them is Friday, September 20, 2013 6-8PM at San Diego Festival of Beer, Downtown (21+)

Rick Ostop“WMSP” by Lord Howler* – Was never really into heavy metal, but I definitely am guilty of banging my head to WMSP from Lord Howler. Oh yeah. And my neighbors love this one, too, especially when I use it to fire myself up on a Saturday morning.

Paul Milichik: “Thin Green Line” by Kodiak – Guilty pleasure being how much I love hardcore music, this band kicks extreme ass.

Andrea Moore: “Johnny Kiss” by Okapi Sun* – It’s a fun poppy song that I could shake my hiney to.

Paul Moffat:  “I’m Gonna Hang Out With The Lesbians Next Door & Drop Acid” -by Mrs. Magician*.  What can I say? The title makes the song.  But what a solid 2:14 of escape.  This is a great song to keep you awake driving home late after a gig.

Ryan Miller“My Suspicions” by Transfer*

Eric Blocker: “Hold Me Tight” Baja Bugs* – One of my many guilty pleasures is blasting, and singing at the top of my lungs to early Beatles records. These guys obviously would agree. Of all the Beatles cover bands, The Baja Bugs are all our own. San Diego through and through!

A little sparse today Spotify-ers:

*Indicates San Diego Music Awards nominees. Vote here.

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