Say Hello: An Interview with Social Club

One thing local band Social Club has going for them is their damn catchy tunes. A bit of infectious pop with an indie rock backbone make the songs on their debut album, Gamma Rays, easily accessible and have fueled the band with serious momentum. Their live performances are always solid, executed with precision some long-standing bands have yet to conquer.

Another thing going for SC- they look good doin' what they do.

Another thing going for SC- they look good doin’ what they do.

I chose to feature one my favorite SC songs “Slow Motion” during my guest spot on a recent episode of ThreeBZine.coms official podcast. Not surprisingly I’m not the only one falling under the Social Club spell. The video for “Slow Motion” is nominated for San Diego Music Awards “Best Music Video” and Gamma Rays is up for “Best Alternative Album.” Another recent victory for the foursome was getting booked for IndieFest 8. The three-day festival later this month (August 16-18) features other local favorites like The Heavy Guilt and Gilbert Castellanos plus seasoned national acts like Cake and Best Coast. SC plays the festival Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

In honor of all their recent accomplishments, Sounds in San Diego delved deeper into Social Club’s world with a little Q and A. Big thanks to Thea Tochihara (vocals & synth/keyboards), John Levan (vocals & guitar), James Spratley (bass), and Jeffrey Litzman (drums) for giving us this inside look.

Sounds in San Diego: First of all, congratulations on being added to San Diego IndieFest 8! How did you guys get booked for this event?

Social Club: Well, we are going to have to chalk this one up to Sonic Bids. Apparently they liked us!

SISD: How does SonicBids work and why would you recommend it to other bands?

SC: Sonic Bids is one way that bands can try to get gigs. We created a band profile that includes our EPK, tracks from our album Gamma Rays, our show schedule and photos. We’ve only submitted to a few events but it seems to work…

SISD: What does being a part of IndieFest mean to Social Club as it relates to being an independent band?

SC: We are PUMPED to perform at IndieFest. We all grew up listening to some of the bands on the line-up. 10 years ago, having an indie band being included in such a great event would have been almost impossible.

SISD: What other IndieFest performers are you all looking forward to seeing?

SC: We are pumped to see our buddies Katie Lee and the Infantry play and it’ll be awesome to see Cake and Talib Kweli.

SISD: Does a big outdoor venue like the NTC Promenade or the Embarcadero, where you played OysterFest, affect your live performance? Do you prepare differently when playing at an indoor club or bar?

SC:  James is an eagle scout and prepares us for almost all situations.

Social Club at Oyster Fest on June 15.

Social Club at Oyster Fest on June 15.

SISD: You have a lot of energy on stage, have you all always loved performing or did you have to become accustomed to live music performances?

SC: Playing live is what we love to do. The energy we get on stage is usually drawn from the people getting into the music in the crowd. We try to make our live shows one of those situations where everyone feels comfortable rocking out in the moments… and that’s what we do!

SISD: What have been some of the biggest accomplishments for the band in the last couple years?

SC: We formed the band… good start. Recorded our songs. Won MOFILM’s music video competition and was flown out to Austin for SXSW. Nominated for Best Alternative Album at SDMA’s and Best Music Video with some Grammy Award nominees…pretty cool!

SISD: What’s up next for the band — new releases, more touring?

SC: Music videos, touring and rocking out to this great nation.. U-S-A… U-S-A… !

Keep up with Social Club on their Facebook and website. IndieFest info and tickets are here. And head over to vote for SC and other local faves for SDMAs here!

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

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