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Where You Want To Be: Montapalooza 2013, a Benefit Show with Trouble in the Wind, Taken by Canadians, & More

It’s easy to think about taking a negative experience and making it into a positive, it’s an entirely different thing to have the strength to do so. After hearing about Montapalooza 2013 and the circumstances that brought it into being I was honored to have a chat with organizer, Monty Hemming to find out more about how he did just that.


Hemming’s beloved Uncle Philip lost a nine-year battle with colon cancer in November of last year. At just 35 years old he was taken far too soon from the nephew he influenced so positively throughout his life.

I wouldn’t be who I am without him,” Hemming told me via phone last week.

After experiencing stages of grief, Hemming decided to do something constructive to honor his uncle’s memory. Taking the various loves he and his uncle shared he has put together an event that celebrates life and pursuing one’s passions. Montapalooza 2013 will be held on July 27 at the Bressi Ranch Boys and Girls Club in Carlsbad. It features a stellar line up of bands, an interactive art room, and a family-friendly environment to bring together folks from the music and art scenes along with the skate and surf community.

This lineup is absolutely amazing,” Hemming gushed about the bands in and around Carlsbad who will play the event.

For $10 fans of any or all of these things can spend a day celebrating with Monty Hemming and supporting the causes closest to his uncle’s heart. Proceeds from the event are going to start a non-profit offering free music and art lessons at Boys and Girls clubs throughout the county. In addition to the entertainment, there will be free food and the promise of some fantastic prizes. Through raffles, silent auctions, and various giveaways featuring products from local sponsors Hemming looks forward to sharing this experience with attendees.

Hemming’s girlfriend will also lend a hand running the interactive art room. Blank canvases and skateboards will give children the chance to experiment with art and take home their own creations.

As the event ends in the late evening, between 7 and 8pm, Hemming will soon have details about an after party taking place nearby with more music and festivities.

Below are details for anyone interested in attending this awesome event which will be held annually in honor of Philip Hemming’s memory which his nephew knows would make put a great big smile on his uncle’s face.

Montapalooza 2013

When: Saturday, July 27th starting at 3 p.m., ending between 7 and 8 p.m.


  • Music performances by :

Trouble in the Wind: A beautiful blend of folk, alt-country, and indie- these young guys bring an old soul to their tunes. Also, good mustaches.

Taken by Canadians: An eclectic combination of rock ‘n’ roll and country is anchored by strings and Ben Ambrosini’s deep, haunting vocals.

Inspired and The Sleep: Peppy vocals, sweet harmonies, and a little touch of pop are just a few reasons to check this one out.

Fakebook: Surfy classic rockers add a little something different to the mixture.

Stained Glass Windows: Spacey psychedelic tunes seem straight outta the 60s, ya dig?

The Regulators

Where: Bressi Ranch Boys and Girls Club

2730 Bressi Ranch Way
Carlsbad, CA 92009

Why: To celebrate the life of Philip Hemming and support young people’s love of music and art.

How much: Only $10 – the equivalent of two coffeehouse lattes, less than a ticket to a movie, and with the added bonus of helping a worthy cause in our beautiful city. See the Facebook event listing for up-to-date info!

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One comment on “Where You Want To Be: Montapalooza 2013, a Benefit Show with Trouble in the Wind, Taken by Canadians, & More

  1. […] 2. Where You Want To Be: Montapalooza 2013, a Benefit Show with Trouble in the Wind, Taken by Canadians…: This was a heart-warming moment if ever there was one. An event in memory of a dearly departed uncle benefitting local music and art programs. I’m very happy to have met Monty and interviewed him for this one. […]


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