Too Hot Out To Be Clever: Show Previews for July 2013

As the heat rises so does my inclination to slack off it seems. Trying to get back in the saddle here after no posts in a whole month. I promise I do have a delicious interview to serve up soon and a unique preview of what’s to come for one of my personal most favorite bands in town.

Enough with the teasers- here’s what’s on my radar for July. Hit me up with what you’re most looking forward to and we just may be sweating to good music together soon enough.

My face today because I'm dumb enough to live in East County. #Melting

My face today because I’m dumb enough to live in East County. #Melting

July 2 – 91X Loudspeaker Live Presents: Chess Wars, Mrs. Henry, Hot Sands, Neighbors To The North at the Griffin:

This one promises to be loud, fuzzy, gritty, and hairy all in the best ways possible. The Griffin is a rad spot for live music and I love that they get stoked for their shows as well. An email from the venue promoting this show stated “Chess Wars is our most favorite new band from here since Schitzophonics.” High marks for the hard-hitting duo who have just a few months and a handful of shows under their belt. Prior to them bringing down the house this lineup is stacked with straight up rock ‘n’ roll from Mrs. Henry (think 70s rock), Neighbors to the North (think party rock), and Hot Sands (think surf rock). I’ve known Mrs. Henry and NTTN for awhile and each has shown that heart and hard work actually do make you better (and doggonit people will like you.) $5 or RSVP to The Griffin for Free. Doors at 7:30pm. 

July 11 – Crash Kings and Nico Vega at The Griffin:

I’d try to spread the love more but The Griff just always has killer stuff on their calendar. I missed Crash Kings at the venue last year and wouldn’t want to have to kick my own ass twice. The interweaving of piano into rock songs make their tunes accessible and sometimes playful, without losing the hard edge of gritty guitars and powerful vox. Speaking of vocals, holy shit I’m excited to see Nico Vega again. Front woman, Aja Volkman, has a commanding voice which hypnotizes at first listen (shameless plug). The beautiful songstress is backed by a rocking band who delivers passion and energy. In short, NV makes damn sexy music. $15 adv/$20 DOS. Doors at 8:00pm. Heads up, this one should sell out in the near future. 

July 12 – The Heavy Guilt, Trouble in the Wind, and Dirty Sirens at Soda BarThis is why I never make it out to see new bands. When three extremely rad bands end up on one bill I cannot turn it down. And on a Friday (extended curfew, thanks Dad!). The Heavy Guilt were the first band I started following and writing about in SD, and you never forget your first, right? Anyways, Trouble in the Wind are also quite awesome and have kind of an old soul feeling to them, singer Robby Gira sounds like a luscious cross between Roy Orbison and David Byrne. Kyle Merritt plays the guitar, banjo, and accordion(!!!) for the band, really unique and rad shit. And if that weren’t enough to make you antsy in your pants, holy hotness Dirty Sirens. Our own Sandy Myskowski previewed their residency at The Griffin back in April and they are a helluva talented bunch and, ya know, easy on the eyes. $8 adv/$10 DOS. 8:30pm.

July 20 – The Touchies, Uniform Victor, and The Nformals at The Ken Club: Been really digging the lastest effort by The Nformals. Their new self-titled album is textbook garage rock. I hear early Silverchair, The Hives, and Green Day depending on which tune I’m cranking (sorry suburban neighbors, but I have to listen to your ankle-biting dog yipping so, suck it). “Live Like That” is my current favorite. I haven’t seen these guys live in far too long but clearly need to make the effort based on this solid collection of tunes and friends tossing out words like “mind blowing” about recent performances Sold. In the same hard rock vein The Touchies and Uniform Victor have a bit more of a punk edge to them. The latter reminds me a bit of X. Sold again. Price/Time info to come.

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

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  1. […] Editor’s note: This is Danny Katz first guest piece for Sounds in San Diego, but hopefully not his last. You can catch him and his band Neighbors to the North this Tuesday, July 2 at The Griffin. Read about that show and more here.  […]


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