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Where You Want To Be: The Steelwells Residency at Casbah June 3, 10, 17, & 25

Putting together an out-of-town residency is a challenge for any band. Add to that two additional residencies (albeit a bit closer to home) all in one month and you’ve got the madness The Steelwells have created for themselves. The OC five-piece is fond of playing San Diego and carefully chose The Casbah to line up 4 nights of wonderful music next month featuring lots of local favorites. Next Monday, the 3rd, will kick things off- followed by shows on Mondays 10 and 17, and the band will finish their set of shows here on Tuesday June 25. Sounds in San Diego is proud to be presenting The Steelwells’ SD residency and I’m extremely excited about the bands they’ve tapped to be a part of these shows. Plus the shows are FREE!

Side note: If you’re in LA or OC (road trip anyone?) you can catch them at Los Globos or the Constellation Room (dates here).

If you aren’t already, you can get acquainted with the pop-indie-rock-folk fusion of The Steelwells by streaming or downloading their EP, Cool Kids, or their newest recording, “Dead Song” via The Lost Ark Studio. (I’m kind of a huge fan and have reviewed both the EP and the single.)

The band is excited about putting on these shows for new and old SD fans and I sincerely hope SiSD readers will join us for one of the following evenings stacked with talent…. Read on for more about the rest of the bands:


Monday 6/3 – Steelwells, Family Wagon, The Heartbeat Trail, The Midnight Pine

Starting off the residency, this night brings a unique blending of genres. The Midnight Pine’s acoustic fire-side vibe gets an extra dose of soul from singer Shelbi Bennett. The young talent’s sultry vocals penetrate the heart while delicate percussion and guitar strumming complement each melody thanks to Al Howard and Sean Martin respectively. The Heart Beat Trail is also on this one- adding their dark, bluesy sound to the mix. Along with The Steelwells, Family Wagon will round out the evening with their hard-hitting rock tunes. The boys of FW just got a new album and tour funded through Kickstarter so they should have lots to celebrate with their hair-flying set.

Monday 6/10 – Steelwells, Nena Anderson, Long Live Logos, Luke Williams Band

This lineup has a pop and Americana tinge to it. Nena Anderson has long been one of my favorite singer-songwriters in town with a mesmerizing voice that verges on lullaby-esque. She’s as charming on tender tunes as she is with toe-tapping numbers. Ed Ghost Tucker was able to fill a last-minute vacancy on this date and I am beyond excited. Their charming, upbeat tunes are a blend of indie-rock and folk with tinges of jazz. I had the pleasure of interviewing the band recently and I just freakin’ adore them… *gushing* And last but not least, I only got a brief listen to Luke Williams Band but the mellow beachy vibe makes it a harmonious fit with this lineup. 

Monday 6/17 – Steelwells, The New Kinetics, SXO, The Brothers Weiss 

I was recently turned onto The New Kinetics and have been nothing but impressed. Front woman Birdy Bardot is a powerhouse with charisma that matches her bold vocal range. The entire band is full of energy and they put on awesome live performances. SXO fits the garage rock style of TNK and features another talented female vocalist, Jamie Rose. The Brothers Weiss are a new-ish band but from what I’ve heard they have an alt-rock style with electronic and pop elements that will tie this night together nicely.

Tuesday 6/25 Steelwells, The Paragraphs, Social Club, Parade of Horribles

Not to pat myself on the back too hard (yeah, right) but this night makes me extra proud. My first SD band recommendation for a congruent fit with the Steelwells were The Paragraphs. The balance between raw emotion-driven lyrics and accessible pop-indie-rock beats is something I find alluring in both bands. The Paragraphs should be working on a new album soon so they’ll likely play lots of their new material- all of which sounds great and is pushing the band to the next level. Social Club has celebrated a number of successes recently including winning MOFILM‘s “Take Your Band to Texas” music video competition. This ultimately took them to SXSW, beating out thousands of other nationwide bands. You can see the winning music video here for their first single, Slow Motion. Their entire album “Gamma Rays” is a stellar collection of music and I’m thrilled to finally see them live. Parade of Horribles is the hardest rocking outfit in the bunch, self-described as sounding like “Primus got in a car crash with Nine Inch Nails while they were pregnant with the punk rock spawn of Tom Waits.” If you need some metal or punk influences to bring you out- this is the one!

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