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Jazz and Jet Skis: Dizzy’s May Preview

Though jazz has many homes in San Diego, few have been so devoted to reviving the lost art of listening as Dizzy’s. Since 2000, owner Chuck Perrin has created a space “where the music matters most.” The club has had several locations over the years, but the vibe has always remained the same. Intimate and personal, Dizzy’s has been a place for people to come and connect with creative artists in a way that can be hampered at other venues, which also cater to a large dinner and/or drinking crowd. Dizzy’s is a sit-down-and-listen sort of place. That is certainly not to say that a more active and bustling environment at all cheapens the jazz experience (in fact, one could argue that, historically speaking, it’s far more accurate). Dizzy’s exists as a wonderful contrast to that, and it’s always been a welcome one.

Dizzy’s currently resides in the showroom at San Diego Jet Ski Rentals in Pacific Beach (4275 Mission Bay Drive). At the night the jet skis are slid out of the way and the room becomes a venue. What it lacks in a snazzy location it more than makes up for in acoustics, free parking, and age-accommodation (all ages are welcome!). In Perrin’s words, “It’s unpretentious, comfortable and casual, and makes for a very satisfying listening experience.”

Here’s a smattering of what’s going down at Dizzy’s this month:

May 10th– Virtuoso bassist Mark Dresser (one of the world’s foremost masters of the instrument’s extended techniques) will lead a quartet featuring SD newcomer Ben Schachter on tenor sax, Michael Dessen on trombone, Joshua White on piano, and Kjell Nordeson on drums. 8PM – $15 cover ($10 students)

May 17th- Composer/bassist Ben Wanicur recently recored a new album, The Excluded Middle. Dizzy’s will play host to the CD release. His group is composed of Ian Tordella on saxes, Peter Sprague on guitar, and Charlie Weller on drums. 8PM – $15 cover ($10 students)

May 18th– Yet another CD release, this time for the Rob Thorsen Trio, featuring Joshua White on piano and Duncan Moore on drums, with Rob rounding out the trio on bass and compositions/arrangements. The live album is appropriately entitled LIVE! 8PM – $15 cover ($10 students)

May 24th-Local legend Joe Marillo (aka “San Diego’s Godfather of Jazz”) will be celebrating his 81st birthday, and in honor of that not-so-minimal-milestone he’ll be performing with a quintet featuring drummer Jim Plank, bassist Tom Azarello, pianist Ed Kornhauser*, and saxophonist Ben Schachter. 8PM – $15 cover ($10 students)

May 31st- An intimate solo performance by “…one of the greatest living jazz pianists” (LA Times, July 2011), Alan Broadbent. A two time Grammy winner and member of bassist Charlie Hayden’s Quartet West, this is not-to-be-missed. This concert comes as part of his tour for his new solo album, “Heart to Heart,” to be released May 21, 2013. 8PM – $20 cover ($15 students)

Check out all the other great shows going on at Dizzys —> http://dizzysjazz.com/

*“Hey, that’s me!”

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