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San Diego Shows To See – May 2013

Somehow it’s already that time again…. Here’s some shows we’ve got our ears attuned to. Let us know what you’re looking forward to and maybe we can all do a quadruple running high five at a venue very soon… Also for jazz-lover’s stay tuned later this week for a full rundown of what Dizzy’s is doing this month, courtesy of our resident jazz man, Ed Kornhauser. And check back as we add to this list…

5/3 Leanna May and The Matadors, Hello Penelope, and Ed Ghost Tucker at Tin Can AlehouseA trifecta of “bands I need to see more of.” Rock/folk/blues element comprise Leanna May and The Matadors and I really like the contrast between high female vox and deep male vox. Hello Penelope sounds like kids raised on Weezer and They Might Be Giants who spent a lot of time at the beach- looking forward to seeing what they do live. I dig the balance Ed Ghost Tucker has between classic folk-rock elements with some pop synth thrown on top. It’s done in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the vocals by Michaela and Cameron Wilson – each of whom have a great, strong ranges. The group is off to tour for a couple weeks so come wish them a bon voyage. $5. – JV

5/4 El Monte Slim, River City, Behind the Wagon, and Rusty Maples at Soda Bar: Doing a super happy dance for the return of Las Vegas band Rusty Maples. Check out the tune they did at the Lost Ark Studio, “Stay Inside,” for of taste of what to expect. They’ll be opening for three SD bands including country-fied El Monte Slim who will celebrate a CD release, River City who do bluegrass with flavor, and Behind the Wagon who round it out with alt-country. I’ll be wearin’ some boots to stomp at this one. $6/$8. – JV

5/10 Vamonos at Riviera Supper ClubA Friday night show at my favorite stumble-home-ready venue is always a draw for me. Add to this the funky jazz stylings of a creative three-piece and shit just got legit. Vamonos is a versatile group who refuses to be nailed down to one genre with soul and psychedelic influences – they do a lot with just a few dudes. Free. – JV

5/18 North Park Festival of the Arts: This one has lots to choose from with multiple stages and sets starting as early as 11am. Our buds in Chess Wars have their second-ever show at 11:50 on the main stage. The gritty rock duo should kick start the day quite nicely and if you haven’t had a chance to pick up their debut CD some super rad chick will be running merch for ’em this day. Give her a high-five when you’re buying the CW record. The Midnight Pine will be on this stage at 1pm offering a counter balance of mellow acoustic tunes. Bulletins are another one to watch for with pop-electro-indie goodness to come on the main stage at 2:40pm. Perfectly timed to get a brewski Gone Baby Gone will hit the Bar Pink stage at 2pm (located in the beer garden). I love their high-energy sets and retro-style. Check out “Miss Bossy” for a taste. Another vintage voice hitting the BP stage is Stevie Harris with The Hi-Staxx at 5pm. Grab a partner for this one – it’s baby making music. Tons more at this one too. Free. -JV

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

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