“Dead Song” by The Steelwells Finds Life at The Lost Ark Studio

Update: There’s a video for the song up now! 

On The Steelwells’ first EP, Shallow on the Draft, the softer side of the band was highlighted by singer Joey Winter’s emotionally charged lyrics. Keys and strings echoed a sense of yearning and the tunes were filled frailty. On their newest EP, Cool Kids, each member’s talents seemed to have been put through a magnifying glass. Their dynamic sound is punctuated by upbeat tempos and synth elements. With wide-ranging styles, the band manages to balance nuances of pop and folk, while thought-provoking lyrics and darker undertones seep through.

Getting ready to lay down the track at The Lost Ark. © Robert Sanchez

Getting ready to lay down the track. © Photo by Robert Sanchez for The Lost Ark Studio

Their brand new track, “Dead Song,” recorded and mixed at The Lost Ark Studio brings together all the elements that make The Steelwells’ music so damn addicting. John Bradley and Robbie Gullage on drums and bass respectively chart the pace with a rhythm that starts with subtlety only to come to a crashing crescendo at the perfect time. Billy Kim’s keyboards and synths dance between guitarist Andrew Eapen’s riffs without any element overpowering another. And guiding it all, Winter’s vocal range journeys along with his band.  Butler has blended the layers of the band together beautifully- the result is dreamy and ethereal at times with a feeling of rising anticipation as it goes. Rat-a-tat drumming with fast-paced verses met by quick keys make this one an instant favorite. I was lucky enough to sit in on the session and am always in awe of what the end result is after hearing and seeing it broke down into bits and pieces. Give it a listen or ten (and download it for free!) and read on for info on the band’s upcoming residency.


© Photos by Robert Sanchez for The Lost Ark Studio

While, The Steelwells may hail from Orange County, but they’ve adopted San Diego as a second home. To prove it they’ll play a residency at our quintessential rock club, The Casbah in June. These bills promise to be stacked with San Diego’s finest and SiSD will preview them in depth very soon…

For now mark you calendars: Mondays June 3, 10, 17, and Tuesday 25 to see what this talented group does live. Their performances work to move listeners figuratively and literally. Tunes you can unabashedly clap and stomp to while exploring the feelings they evoke.

Residency dates here, Orange County, and LA for these crazy kids are as follows: 

06/03 – The Casbah – San Diego/CA.

06/04 – Constellation Room – Orange County/CA.
06/05 – Los Globos – Los Angeles/CA.
06/10 – The Casbah – San Diego/CA.
06/11 – Constellation Room – Orange County/CA.
06/12 – Los Globos – Los Angeles/CA.
06/17 – The Casbah – San Diego/CA.
06/18 – Constellation Room – Orange County/CA.
06/19 – Los Globos – Los Angeles/CA.
06/24 – Constellation Room – Orange County/CA.
06/25 – The Casbah – San Diego/CA.
06/26 – Los Globos – Los Angeles/CA.

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