Resident Power from Dirty Sirens

More intoxicating than whiskey, Dirty Sirens, fronts tough chick grit against a pummeling, primal, psychedelic, blues-rooted metal. This sultry San Diego four-some is one band this girly head banger can’t resist.

Embracing the power in female sex, a steamy Monterey Salka sings unapologetically on her strong dancer’s legs, beside Christy Hüber’s platinum locks, swaying while she punches out unrelenting guitar riffs. Eric Pietsch on drums & Mike Delgado on bass balances this forward female angst with compelling masculine rhythm that feels convincingly animalistic & modern.

This eclectic group combined forces last August in a hot summer setting, just suitable enough for Dirty Sirens to rise. Today they take over a Tuesday residency at The Griffin while also currently recording their first EP.

A sneak peek into their sound, Hellfire’s opening electric distortion presents a challenge that’s clearly hazy. Singing angry lyrics of brutal and irreverent honesty, perverted by too many lying lovers, could easily become cliché female agony, accept for the viciously sweet undercurrent in their melodic rage. Penetrating any twisting tale, Monterey screams for an honest man to, “make me laugh, make me cry, make me scream, I wanna die,” and tears into any raw soul willing to answer.

Siren Song, the title of their first completed track on Bandcamp.com, opens with a church bell chiming against obscure raspy murmurs. These bewildering whispers evoke primordial feelings as if surrounded by serpents speaking in tongues. Christie then riffs skin rattling guitar chants, while Eric pounds tenacious tribal rhythms that relieve this provocative meditation. Vocal exclamations progress into Monterey’s fiery melodies and harmonic chanting only vaguely reminiscent of Clare Torry’s “religious section,” if it were drowned in anguish and raspy dark liquor. A song so seductively captivating, they will “take your mind, and your body, and all of your love.”

Hard rock is never for the faint of heart, and Dirty Sirens in no exception. With a melodic, eclectic sound this group still remains accessible to any rocker willing to push the edge and pound a necessary footing in a male dominated genre. But if you can’t handle these strong rockin’ Sirens, the Griffin provides a lot of room beyond the red lit bar, so you’ve got plenty of space to go hide in the back by the pool tables. But as Monterey’s sings with sweet eyes, “you’re mine now,” I dare you to resist staying up front before her.


8 comments on “Resident Power from Dirty Sirens

  1. […] enough to make you antsy in your pants, holy hotness Dirty Sirens. Our own Sandy Myskowski previewed their residency at The Griffin back in April and they are a helluva talented bunch and, ya know, easy on the eyes. $8 adv/$10 […]


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  8. […] 8. Resident Power from Dirty Sirens: Another guest writer Sandy Myskowski articulated on the rockin’ force of Dirty Sirens. Sadly the group is no longer, but her eloquent post lives on. […]


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