Heart Full Of Heat: An Interview with Megan Liscomb of Boy King

Not sure if it’s her feminine charm or a feline reflex that draws people to Megan Liscomb, but whatever it is- it’s working. As the front woman for Boy King the petite singer commands attention. Her spastic movements take her from one end of a stage to the other during her passionate performances. Her sultry vocals are vaguely reminiscent of Deborah Harry and always charged with a fiery energy. Her bandmates Dustin Lothspeich (Old Tiger) and Adam Eidson offer a marked mellowness leaving the focus on Liscomb as a punkish rock powerhouse. The trio have gained momentum with their debut album “1” and frequent live performances making a mark on San Diego music since they began last May. Watching their fan base grow and the synchronicity in the band develop it’s clear that with as a driving force Liscomb is leading her band into bigger things. In the midst of all this the lovely lady found time to indulge some creeptastic questions from one of her biggest fans… Enjoy!

1. How did you start singing and how did Boy King come to be?

I’ve pretty much been singing since forever, like I don’t remember “starting”. I still think it’s sort of weird that most people apparently don’t sing every day. Why not sing?

So once upon a time Dustin met Adam at a show and they got together to jam and basically became best friends. They wrote a few songs and realized they were going to need a singer. Dustin knew me so he sent me some tracks and asked me if I had enough sass to front them. Within about a week or so, I’d written lyrics and I was officially in the band.

2. What’s the song-writing process like for you? Do you write the majority of the lyrics or do you co-write with your bandmates?

Usually Dustin and Adam will write the music and then I put my melody line and lyrics to it. There is one song we’re working on for the next album that we wrote sort of the other way around (I wrote melody and lyrics and they wrote the music to back me up), but generally that’s how we get shit done.


Liscomb sassing it up at Winton’s with drummer Adam Eidson and guitarist Dustin Lothspeich

3. You always look so fabulous on stage (yes, I’m gushing) and you turn a lot of heads- do you put a lot of thought into what you wear at shows?

Oh geez, stop! I usually wear something comfortable that fits well. There’s not a lot of a divide between my regular wardrobe and what I’ll wear on stage. I don’t like being super girly and wearing heels or being like overly dressed up since the dudes are usually pretty casual and I need to be able to move around and feel comfortable.

4. Is there anything negative about the attention you may get being a front woman and being so charismatic on stage?

Not really. Once in a while some drunk will try to get handsy with me but I have pointy elbows and I’m pretty scrappy. What’s surprising is probably how little of a difference it makes in my real life. I have trouble getting in to my own shows sometimes because bouncers don’t believe me when I say I’m in the band. My mom still thinks I’m a nerd. I still get shy with people I don’t know well. It’s a very compartmentalized thing.


5. What’s something you’d want people to know about Boy King they might not know from listening or seeing you play?

I think everything there is to know about us is like right there; like we definitely didn’t accidentally kill a drifter last summer and bury him in the desert and we certainly haven’t been receiving threatening phone calls about it. Stop asking!

6. I was listening to “Melts Faces” the other day – cranked to 11, of course- and a black cat came to my door and tried to claw its way in the screen…. twice. Is your effect on animals due to some secret voodoo power or is this where you reveal you’re actually part feline?

Both! I am a total cat lady and actually my voice sometimes does have a strange effect on cats. We recorded vox at Dustin’s house and he has a really rowdy black cat named Yoda. Yoda just likes to play and tear shit up and party hard all the time, but when I started singing he got really subdued and he respects/fears(?) me a lot now. You should see how this cat responds to me; he’s like a different animal.

7. What kind of music are you listening to these days?

Lately I’ve been really into Japandroids, Growlers and Bat for Lashes. I also just got a hold of a bunch of my dad’s records from the 60’s, a lot of early Stones, Velvet Underground and Led Zep. That’s enough to keep anyone busy.

8. What is the dynamic between you and your bandmates? Being the only female and the youngest does it feel like you have two big brothers you never wanted?

Ha, no! They are great! They always have my back when I need help and they’re so supportive if I have a setback or a bummer day. Every once in a while I feel like they’re a little overprotective but that’s better than the alternative. You should ask them if they feel like they’re stuck with a needy little sister they never asked for, except they did ask for me, like specifically by name. See question 1.

9. You’re pretty blunt in all your interviews and obviously very in-your-face on stage- may I ask where you got your balls from?

You can ask but I’m not sure how to really answer that. I don’t think I do anything particularly ballsy. I guess I was just born this way.


Photo by Cody Thompson of ThreeBZine.com

10. When do y’all plan to have a follow-up album done and what can fans expect from this go around?

We’re about to start recording in April and I’m so super excited to put the new songs out there for you. They’re a little bit jammier and more open. I feel like lyrically, they’re stronger, maybe more personal and less of a persona. I think they’re better but we’ll see what you think. You’re probs just gonna like our early stuff and tell people that we used to be cool.

11. Last but not least, the Five S’s of Sounds in San Diego
Sound You Love: Rain.
Sound You Hate: Screaming babies.
Spot in San Diego You Have to See: The gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas.
San Diego Band You’re a Fan Of: the Midnight Pine, Wild Wild Wets, Tropical Popsicle and Old Tiger
Song That Makes You Smile: The Beach Boys “Don’t Worry Baby”.

You can catch up with Boy King with The Midnight Pine at Seven Grand this Saturday. Bad ass bands and a bad ass venue- I highly recommend.

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

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