They’re Comin’: The Styletones Featured in “Got Milk?” Commercial Airing During Super Bowl XLVII

While most of the country is buzzing about Harbowl or Super Baugh *groan*, San Diego music-fans are stoked about today’s big game for an entirely different reason. A song recorded by beloved local funk-soul group The Styletones, and starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, will air during the second quarter of today’s Super Bowl. The spot is a fun, action-packed sequence featuring The Rock chasing down a milk truck- but the real star of the commercial is the catchy tune being played by the best-dressed men in San Diego’s music scene.

Photo by Rebecca Joelson

See what I mean? Photo by Rebecca Joelson 

The awesome eightsome of The Styletones recorded their cover of Sam and Dave’s “Hold On, I’m Comin'” just weeks ago and it fits the ad spot perfectly. Chosen from several entries from around the country, their take on the 1966 classic has all the energy and funky style that make this band a San Diego favorite. Stevie Harris’ soulful vocals are heard prominently during the commercial and the upbeat musicianship of these guys shines through.

“The song is really true to what The Styletones are about.” says singer Stevie Harris “Stylistically the Stax golden era is our natural sound and the lyrical theme of being there for someone, love, unity, and support, is a sentiment we share. Our goal is to further that feeling. It’s what we sound like in the club, and it’s mind-blowing to take that into the biggest marketplace, the for real Colosseum”.

No doubt being featured in this high-profile commercial will garner the band lots of much-deserved attention. Check out an extended version of the commercial below and tune into the game to watch along with millions of viewers who will soon discover what San Diego already knows: The Styletones are a bunch of bad ass dudes with a ton of talent.

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

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