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Keep Yourself Warm: Upcoming Shows To Shake Off The Cold

Somehow I made it halfway through the month without doing a monthly preview- I blame this stupid cold weather. So here’s a handful of shows to finish up the month (and a couple to kickoff February). Mark your calendars accordingly.

Jan. 21 – Family Wagon, Schitzophonics, & Rusty Maples at The Casbah: I already did a little write-up on FW’s residency but this one looks stellar enough that it bears repeating. Family Wagon’s hair-flying rambunctious rock sets are punctuated with softer songs like “Wonder If She Knows.” Guitarist, Bryan Bangerter is a supreme highlight with wicked licks and delicate backing vocals. In the same vein of performance quality are the Schitzophonics. Holy shit, the singer/guitarist flails around in a way I’ve never seen before. I’m mesmerized and terrified all at once. Dig their blues-y rock sound as well. Rounding this one out Rusty Maples from Vegas are bringing something a little milder to the stage, but from the sounds of their EP it’ll be equally as impressive. Really looking forward to this lineup, plus it’s $5. Killer.

Jan. 24 – Social Club and Shake Before Us at The Casbah for SoundDiegoOne of the best things about SoundDiego’s events (besides free booze) are their penchant for blending bands of different genres. Social Club is contemporary-pop-indie-fantastic while Shake Before Us is more retro-gritty-garage-rock-awesome. Add to this a free event, a legendary venue, & there’s really no excuse to miss it.

Jan. 25 – The Heavy Guilt, The Steelwells, and Boy King at Winstons: My favorite SD band & my favorite OC band playing together…. again. I think I squeaked a little “fuck yeah” out loud when I saw this lineup. Adding Boy King to the bill just made it that much better. It’s exciting to see BK’s following grow as their sound has become a well-oiled machine over the past year. The Steelwells are a fantastic five-some with more synth than I knew I could love. Lyrically uplifting tunes carried by amazing vocals are just one facet of what makes this band incredible to hear and see. And of course, The Heavy Guilt. I’ve been enamored with them since the first show I was lucky enough to stumble into. I’m always excited to see them, happy they have new music on the way, & humbled that I got to interview one of their fanfuckingtastic musicians twice in a year… Spoiler alert: Interview 2.0 will be up within a week.

Jan. 31 – Stevie Harris at Riviera Supper Club: Full of soul and apparently full of songs, Stevie Harris is a joy to watch whether he’s strutting as a Styletone or crooning with the Hi-Staxx. To end the month he’ll be appearing at my favorite East County (ie stumbling distance) venue. The intimate setting is perfect for an evening with Stevie. I can’t get enough of “I’ll Tend Your Flowers” and I’ll make this post my personal plea that he performs this at the show. (PS It’s free and The Riv rocks.)

Feb. 2 & 10- Modern Heist shows! I decided I couldn’t pick just one so I’ll be attempting to make two MH shows in a week’s time. This good-natured foursome has been growing by leaps and bounds since I met them last year. They’re getting back into the live scene as they’re poised to release the record they’ve been pouring themselves into. On 2/2 they’ll be at Tin Can Alehouse – a venue I love more & more each time I go there. And on 2/10 they’ll be at The Ruby Room. Hoping I survive my birthday on 2/9 so I can prove that my 30s will still rock with the RR show. Podunk Nowhere is also playing and features one of the most talented twosomes in town-  Heather Marie and Johnny Janiga are a musical marriage that consistently makes me swoon.

Feb 8- Old Tiger at Riviera Supper Club: Somehow OT’s monthly residency got moved to the second Friday of the month. And somehow that means it’s the night before I turn the big 3-0. This unofficial birthday celebration should kick some major ass. If nothing else you can meet the people who made me and high-five/slap the shit outta them depending on how you feel about me/their unholy offspring. And it’s free, so why not?

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