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San Diego Music Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

With so many great musicians and projects coming out of San Diego, I decided to put together a little guide to giving San Diego Music for everyone on your holiday shopping list. There’s a bit of something for any music-loving recipients to shop for (I hope).

Beyond the Lights by Nena Anderson (signed copy with a logo decal gift-wrapped in handmade felt envelopes by the songstress herself!)


Who you’re shopping for: Aunt Susie who has a penchant for bourbon and bad boys, fans of pure vocal ability, or anyone who needs a good ol’ fashioned crush on a sweet gal.

Style: Americana, folk-y, country-tinged, classic- feel.

How much and where to buy: $15. Online here, at Lou’s Records or Spin Records.

The Styletones by The Styletones


Style: Old-school soul.

Who you’re buying for: Your granddaddy who still grooves, fans of music you can dance to, or anyone with a record player.

How much and where to buy: $8 digital, $10 hard copy, or $20 limited-edition vinyl. Buy online here or at one of their many shows including 12/21 at Bar Pink.

Love Have Mercy by Old Tiger


Style: Retro, surf-rock-pop.

Who you’re shopping for: Your vinyl-collecting dad, fans of sock hops, and folks who like to get back to basics.

How much and where to buy: $5 digital/$7 hard copy. Pick it up here. Or when they play Flying Elephant on 12/21 with Shake Before Us.

Third Album Presale for The Heavy Guilt’s upcoming release


Style: Indie-rock, alternative-rock, basically rock with something special added in.

Who you’re shopping for: Your BFF Marni who loves local music, fans of experimental indie-rock with bitchen lyrics, or me.

How much and where to buy: $10. Order this baby right here… no muss, no fuss and you can support an album-in-the-making. I love the interwebs.

Any studio compilation by The Lost Ark Studio


Style: All over the map: jazz songs, twangy country numbers, hard rock, indie-alternative, etc, etc.

Who you’re buying for: Your hard-to-buy-for-brother, music fans with eclectic tastes, and anyone you don’t wanna spend money on.

How much and where to buy: $0. Download here and hand your lucky recipient a flash drive or burned CD. Or just send them the link, but where’s the fun in that?

Old Blood by John Meeks &

From My Grave by John Meeks and Joanie Mendenhall


Style: Alt-country, soulful twang.

Who you’re buying for: Your cousin Donny who still has a Willie Nelson bandana from a concert circa 1979, fans of real country music, or yourself.

How much and where to buy: $11 total – $7 for Old Blood, $4 for From My Grave. Buy both online here. Seriously you need both.

“+/-“ by The Paragraphs


Style: Rock ‘n’ roll tinged with pop.

Who you’re buying for: Fans of fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll with stellar vocals, my mom (no seriously, “Trash Talk” is her favorite song right now, or anyone who needs a good ol’ fashioned crush on some sweet guys.

How much and where to buy: $7. Online here or pick up at a show somewhere in SoCal next year.

Tickets and a hotel room for NYE at The Lafayette Hotel featuring Little Hurricane, Get Back Loretta, Shake Before Us, The Creepy Creeps and more.


Style: A bit of SD’s finest – a blues-rock duo, a pop ensemble, southern-tinged rock ‘n’ rollers and all kinds of in-between.

Who you’re buying for: Your newly single sister who needs to dance her way to 2013, those looking forward to the end of the holidays (i.e. everyone), or party people who want a cushy spot to pass out after the party.

How much and where to buy: All pricing info for tickets and hotel packages here.

Happy Holidays San Diego Music-Lovers!

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

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