Show Preview: 91X’s Holiday Bonus Show featuring Metric, Beast Patrol, and Grand Tarantula at House of Blues

When 91X announced their “Holiday Bonus” show I did one of my famous (in my own head) happy dances. A Saturday show (12/8) at a great venue (House of Blues) with a trio of bands I’d love to see live on a good stage. Grand Tarantula has been on my radar for about a year and I haven’t gotten to see them play a lot as of late. Beast Patrol has a female power vibe that fits well with GT’s raw punk-esque energy and works well as a precursor to the synth-heavy pop-rock headliner, Metric.

Grand Tarantula is set to kick of the show at HOB and I implore those unfamiliar to get in early for these guys. Frontman Jordan Clark always brings his vocals full force with the ability to scream and croon within one song. The songs combine surf-y doo-wop with classic punk elements. Their newest single “Drugs” is 91x’s Local Break for December and will give listeners a taste of what their raucous live shows are like. Clark’s backing band has recently had some change-ups but seems to be working out. This will be a great avenue to show off what the band has going on.

Beast Patrol, out of New York, looks as gritty-sexy-rock-n-roll as they come and their sound follows suit. Vanessa Bley’s vocals along with the band’s guitar-heavy soundscape offer tinges of 80s pop-rock. The band is making their West Coast debut the night before this show at the Viper Room in LA if you wanna jump on their bandwagon and double up on shows. Just an idea.

photo by Brantley Gutierrez

Photo by Brantley Gutierrez

Of course the big draw for most to this bitchen shindig is Metric. The female-fronted band seems to toe that line between mainstream and critical acclaim while still being popular with indie junkies. Vocalist Emily Haines offers a range of singing from hushed coaxing to artful falsetto. The new album, Synthetica, is an eclectic mix of danceable pop blended with electronica elements along with softer ballads highlighting Haines’ sweet voice.

For more information and tickets click here.

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