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Where You Want To Be: The Steelwells at The Casbah 8/29/12

Going against the grain here- I’m highlighting a band that isn’t from San Diego and isn’t headlining this show. Whoops. Alas, the Steelwells’ sound has crawled into my heart and made itself a cozy little corner and I want to share that with anyone who will listen. I gushed about the band in a previous post after devouring their EP, Shallow On The Draft. Since then I’ve been impatiently waiting for new tunes and a chance to see the guys live. Recently, I got both.

Chatting with singer Joey Winter before their set at Soda Bar a couple weeks ago, I found out they’d be playing all new songs that night. For a moment I was wistful thinking of the tunes I’d grown to love off the EP but the show did anything but disappoint. My partner in crime that evening had made a comment that she knows “in the first 8 seconds” if she likes a band- I think The Steelwells won over an entire crowd in half that. Each song was on point, highlighted by enthusiasm from each of the guys- particularly Winter who looked at home as frontman and keyboardist Billy Kim who played with precision and passion.

The set came across as finely tuned and highly-impressive for a collection of new work. The Steelwells’ music is catchy- blending subtle folk influences and verging on pop at times. For the lyrically-driven fan, Winter’s words delivered with a palpable sincerity are sure to pull you into the Steelwell atmosphere. The vocals are powerful with a tender vibration at times with all the various pieces of the band coming together as a cohesive sound all from the first song to the last note.

Pretty please, come check them out for yourself this Wednesday at The Casbah– along with some of San Diego’s finest rockers: Blackout Party, Deadly Birds, and Crash and The Burn. For a sample of The Steelwells check out the teaser video below and keep up with the guys on their website and Facebook.

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