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Friday Fix – 8/3/12 – My 11 Favorite Band of Horses Songs

Tomorrow night I get to enjoy Band of Horses along with My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. In anticipation of said event I compiled my favorite MMJ songs last week and below are my beloved BOH faves… To say I’m excited is the understatement of all time.

Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure:

1. “The Funeral” from Everything All The Time: One of the first songs I heard by BOH. After a dude I had a fat crush on turned me onto the band the song appeared in a car commercial. Constant reminder of said crush. Ugh. The song varies between delicately pleading vocals and soft guitars and  kicks into harder hitting drum beats and the peaks of Ben Bridwell’s falsetto. Swoon.

2. “Detlef Schrempf” from Cease to Begin: This song has one of my favorite lines and one of my least favorite titles. I can never remember it and then when I do I’m confused, again, why it’s called that. The sentiment of “eyes can’t look at you any other way” strikes me right in my big emo heart.

3. “Compliments” from Infinite Arms: With lyrics like “fixin’ a drink in the morning with the way things are” juxtaposed with a peppy beat, this one makes me nod my head and tap my toes. The guitar riff around 2:15 is also a selling point for me.

4.Out in the Nature” from Yo Gabba Gabba! Music: This is just too cute not to include. Gives me hope that should I procreate someday (horrifying thought, I know) there may be some ok music on kid’s television. The sing-songy song is catchy plus has a sweet message about how great it is to be outside in nature (if you’re into that.)

5. “Is There A Ghost?” from Cease to BeginThe song is pretty amazing for having epically few lyrics. The video is odd but great.

6. “Laredo” from Infinite Arms: A little bit more upbeat of a BOH tune. The guitar riff in this is fantastic and the chorus wrangles me in and forces me to sing along. Loudly. No matter where I am.

7. “Georgia” from Georgia/Dilly: This Cee Lo Green cover is full of powerful vocals, a special BOH touch on an already fantastic song and the added bonus of being backed by a motherfucking marching band. Bridwell’s inflections are decidedly different than Green’s but make this homage to home and family a big beautiful battle cry.

8. “Ode to LRC” from Cease to Begin: I love jamming to this song. My father calls it hick-punk. And the world is truly such a wonderful place.

9. “The Great Salt Lake” from Everything All The Time: Ben Bridwell’s voice is enchanting as always on this. While he draws the lines out long high notes, the guitar and drums keep a quick pace. There’s an urgency to this one.

10. “Knock Knock” from Mirage Rock: This song sounds like a celebration, which it should be since it’s the first release from BOH’s new album (to be released later this year).

11. “No One’s Gonna Love You” from Cease To Begin: I gush about this song so regularly it’s sickening to even myself.It reminds me of a particularly hard time in my life, but nonetheless it remains my favorite song. Ever. Love.

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