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Just A Little Heat: August Show Preview

It never fails as soon as a month is looking destitute for shows an onslaught of invites and announcements rain down on me like manna from the heavens. Live music feeds my soul and this month looks poised to keep me sustained. Dance with me, won’t you?

8/4 The Black Sands and Old Tiger at Winstons: I’m actually going to miss this one. (I think I have a pretty good reason since I’ll be in CO to see My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses… yes, I’m rubbing it in.) But if you’ll be in SD this promises to be a good one. The Black Sands are comprised of many of the members of the Heavy Guilt and get a sexy, sultry kick from singer Heather Marie Janiga. Listen for “Walkin With a Gun” and prepare to swoon. Old Tiger serves up an assortment of sounds from bluesy rock to surfy pop. Listen for “Free” and prepare to tap your toes.

8/11 Black Market III, Nena Anderson, Low Volts and Stephen Rey at The Griffin (Record Release for Black Market III!): I’m excited to get my first look at Black Market III performing live, I’ve somehow missed out on them until now. Their gritty sound is anchored in good ol’ rock with a blues backbone. Listen for “Shake” and prepare to, in fact, shake. Low Volts promises another layer of raw power and is performing with Stephen Rey and the Sex Trash- a talent I’ve been trying to check out for a while. Listen for “Twist Shake Grind Break” and prepare to do one or all of those things. Nena Anderson brings a sweeter, softer side to the evening with her mesmerizing voice and talented collection of musicians. Listen for “I Fall In Love Too Fast” and prepare to… you guessed it, fall in love.

8/18 Grand Tarantula, East of Sweden, Idlehands, One, and Red at Soda Bar: I’ve been having some punktastic withdrawals since I haven’t seen Grand Tarantula in months. They released an EP earlier this year and offer a stacked bill for this one. Plus it’s a Saturday night- what more could you want? Listen for “Catch Me If You Can” and prepare to head bang.

8/20 Modern Heist, Talk Like June, and Drunken Prayer at The Ruby Room: Modern Heist are not only a talented group of up-and-comers, they’re also a bunch of sweethearts. If it’s possible to have a crush on a band, I have a big one on them. Listen for “So L.A.” and prepare to dance and crush along with me. Talk Like June have managed to make their way into my heart as well. Despite my general dislike of country music, this group impresses the hell outta me. Listen for “California” and prepare to vote them the winners of KPRi’s Battle of the Fans.

8/30 Little Hurricane, Dead Feather Moon, and Bunny Gang at The Belly Up: Finishing the month in a big way hometown favorites Little Hurricane return to San Diego with two other amazing local acts. Dead Feather Moon have been powering through shows here and around Cali, tirelessly putting out their best. And last but not least Bunny Gang are gaining momentum with the charismatic Megan Liscomb leading the charge. Dustin Lothspeich of Old Tiger wails on guitar and Adam Eidson pounds on drums. Listen for “Lies” by Little Hurricane, “Dark Horse” by Dead Feather Moon and “Bump, Bump, Bump” by Bunny Gang and prepare to rock the fuck out.

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