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Where You Want To Be: Modern Heist & Eliza Rickman at The Riviera Supper Club 6/24

I’ve been doing a perpetual happy dance since I found out about this show. Modern Heist are one of my favorite local up-and-comers and L.A.’s Eliza Rickman stunned me at LadyFest last month. Add to this one of my favorite low-key spots for live music, The Riviera Supper Club and Turquoise Room (within stumbling distance of my house, no less) and the dancing started. (Please try their tasty eat and drinks… I rave about them quite often… including here). The Riv’s events are FREE and Sunday Matinee shows (including this one) are being booked by another local lovely- Miss Vanja James!

Starting the night out a former local lovely (originally from Escondido) Eliza Rickman makes another SD stop amidst her tireless touring. The songstress brings a whimsical and haunting vibe to her tender tunes balanced by just the right amount of power in her melodies. The last performance of Rickman’s that I was privy to showcased her vocal talents and the command she has of her instruments. On keyboards, toy piano and even a freakin’ accordion she makes her art look effortless. And she seems equally at ease with endearing mid-set banter. Her folk-tinged sound and intricate lyrics are sometimes reminiscent of a lullaby (“Over Cold Shoulders” and other times I find her dark undertones equally enchanted (“Pretty Little Head”). Stream her latest album here and prepare to swoon, grab a hanky for her cover of Nick Cave’s “Into My Arms” and feel free to steal my happy dance to celebrate that we get such amazing talent coming through our town.

Following Miss Rickman San Diego’s Modern Heist will bring their energy and charm to the stage. The group takes influences from blues to folk and is developing a sound of their own. Singer Cassie Thompson’s angelic vocals lend themselves to a delicate, acoustic sound. But these kids can also show their rock and punk influences when the mood strikes. “Be Honest” offers grooving guitar and bass lines from Ryan Vander Werff and Andrew Sander respectively along with a jazzy beat from drummer Mike Franz. It also gives Thompson the chance to croon in a deeper tone before contrasting it with the height of her range. After a little begging (and possibly some bribery) I got the quartet to give me (and my Sounds in San Diego sweethearts) exclusive access to download the latest recordings of 4 of their tunes. Follow this link (quick before it’s too late!) Take a listen (or ten) and see what kind of treats you’re in for this Sunday. I’m jamming to the quirky and catchy “So L.A.” at the moment.

Eliza Rickman will kick start the evening at Riviera Supper Club just after 7pm this Sunday, June 24 followed by Modern Heist around 8pm. Mark your calendar, set an alarm, hire a carrier pigeon to remind you…. whatever it takes. Don’t miss the chance to see two talented acts in an intimate setting. (Also worth noting The Riv opens at 4pm with happy hour til 6pm, grill masters, booze hounds and appetizer aficionados would do well to peruse the menu and get in a little early.) See you there!

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

One comment on “Where You Want To Be: Modern Heist & Eliza Rickman at The Riviera Supper Club 6/24

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