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Summer Came: June Show Previews

In case the gorgeous sunny weather and lingering daylight hours weren’t enough, this month marks the actual beginning of summer. And along with a parade of graduates, a day for our daddies, and those ugly fucking bugs that dive bomb our BBQs, a plethora of good shows are upon us this month. Yeah, a plethora… here’s a few I’ve got my eyes and ears on:

6/1, 6/2 and 6/3 1st LadyFest featuring lots of lovely ladies including Vanja James, Little Red Lung, Mittens, Erleen Nada, and many more at Eleven Three days of bad ass chicks starts tomorrow. For all the necessary details read up here. And let ’em know JVT sent ya.

6/6 Banding Together Annual Fundraiser featuring: Burning of Rome, Dr. Seahorse, Noise in the Attic, Nena Anderson and DJ Man Cat at The Belly Up A fantastic cause, a great venue, and tons of talented artists. This show has my heart a flutter. Super glad SDRockandRoll.com gave me the heads up on this one- totally dig that site. Read more here.

6/15 The Heavy Guilt at The Propagandist This new spot is not your average bear when it comes to downtown nightlife. Super tasty hand-crafted cocktails, a laid back vibe, and a dedication to bringing local talent to the other side of San Diego. With a motto of “Downtown Sucks” they’ve set out to do something different downtown. Add to this the awesomeness of The Heavy Guilt and this mid-month show is sure to pack a punch. Friday night in downtown San Diego sounds a lot more my style all of a sudden. [Side note: THG inspired the name of this post with their newest single, the awesome jam “Summer Came” released by The Lost Ark Studio- check it out here and “like” The Lost Ark on Facebook for lots more wonderful releases to come!]

6/16 SD Oysterfest featuring Iration, Vokab Kompany, The Silent Comedy, Little Hurricane, and SplitFinger at Marina Embarcadero North, Seaport Village. This looks like an official summer kick-off if I’ve ever seen one. Vokab Kompany’s energy is always kick ass and makes for a good party. They blend rock and rap and they have a violinist… and he has great hair. Just sayin’. Super stoked to see The Silent Comedy are coming home, although I think it’s crazy awesome they’ve been on the road giving the goods across the nation and also this happened recently. Little Hurricane rounds this one out beautifully. Plus a sexy summertime venue- yes, please.

6/22 Crash Kings, Family Wagon at The Griffin Been missing out on Family Wagon somehow and I’m really excited to see them at one of my favorite venues. Just getting into Crash Kings, but so far so good. And a Friday night show, so there’s no excuses to miss out!

6/25 Cathryn Beeks Homegrown Showcase featuring: For The Faint, Carl Durant, Talk Like June, Jerry Olea and The 805 Drifters, Allegra, Landis, King Washington & The Tilt at Anthology: Cathryn does such an incredible job of putting together these showcases. Talk Like June rocked it out at Myerz Pourhouse last time I got a chance to attend one of these. Landis is a nice li’l rock trio I dig from what I know. And I’m really looking forward to King Washington after getting a little preview of what they can do- catchy tunes rich with flavors of the past and a modern twist. Plus a bunch of other bands to check out!

6/28 Get Back Loretta, Hell or Highwater, Inberst, and Beta Wolf at The Casbah Hooray for GBL, I am beyond excited for this one. Last time I saw Get Back Loretta I gushed for days. Case in point. Their brand of catchy pop-rock ranges from soft and sweet to hard hitting danceable tune. Can’t. freakin’. wait.

6/30 The Nervous Wreckords, Maren Parusel, Hills Like Elephants and Black Hondo at The Casbah As if this month didn’t have enough to offer, The Nervous Wreckords are sealing it up with their CD release party. Brian Karcig’s voice and musicianship reel me in and the rest of the band members are just as endearing and talented. Been trying to catch Hills Like Elephants again so *happy dance* for that added bonus.

Phew, that’s just a taste of what this month is shaping up to do to San Diego. Check my shows page for more and hit me up if I’m missing something.


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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

One comment on “Summer Came: June Show Previews

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