She Know The Deal: A Birthday Song List for Katie

Another sappy post. My cousin Katie is one of my best friends and today the li’l lady somehow turns 18. Not sure how that happened, she was 3 like a minute ago, I swear. Despite being a shit ton older than her we still have lots in common. I joke that she’s my little protege or my mini-me. Truth is she a lot like me but the best part is she’s better. She’s smart beyond her years, funny as hell, and she has become this amazing person right before my eyes. Her head’s on straight for a chick that age and her quick wit keeps people on their toes. I’m infinitely proud of her and wishing her the happiest birthday ever! I love you, Li’l Bitch.

YouTube playlist is here, yo.

1.  “The Motto” by Drake featuring Li’l Wayne: Had to include this one because my Katie and I both love us some Drake. Street cred be damned, the man has swagger and this song makes a damn good party anthem. What’s a better motto to adopt, really?

2. “Faster” Matt Nathanson: While Katie isn’t as infatuated with Nathanson as I am, we do both love this song. It’s so damn catchy. Fun, cute and makes me wanna dance- just like my Kit Kat.

3. “The Dance” by Garth Brooks: Are we country fans? Not really. Do we typically like sappy songs like this? Not so much. But we do like to be weirdos and slow dance together and this song is perfect for cousins who like to slow-dance. Wait, what?

4. “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris: In the midst of a cousin gab session Katie said “I feel so close to you right now…” albeit she was being sarcastic it just so happens I heard this song minutes later. Fate = sealed. This is our song.

5. “Find Your Love” by Drake: In addition to a love of Drake’s music, we also have an affinity for his acting prowess so I decided he gets two spots. K and I both fell in love when Drake, er Aubrey Graham was on Degrassi: The Next Generation. In the words of Kevin Smith: I’ve got a weird thing for Canadian melodrama (and girls that say aboot.) This song has a killer beat and island flavor I can’t get enough of.

6. “Better When We’re Together” by Jack Johnson: My cousin has some eclectic tastes and Jack Johnson is another favorite we both share. This song is a quintessential mellow tune that Mr. Johnson is so good at crafting. And such a sweet sentiment.

7. “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson: Another wonderful thing about my cousin is the company she keeps. She’s got a bunch of sweet friends who don’t mind that I’m older than dirt but still like to hang out with them. This song is for her and bestie, Hannah. It’s their song- how cute is that!? 

8. “Tell ‘Em -Crank That” by Soulja Boy: I had this big party a few years back and the DJ played this song. Cut to the dance floor and my li’l Katie is doing some kinda dance that goes with it- she had that shit down. That’s when I realized she was much cooler than me. *shrug*

9. “Tearing Up My Heart” by ‘NSync: Sometimes we like to sing boy band songs at karaoke. Don’t hate.

10. “Cousins” by Vampire Weekend: Whenever I hear this one I think of how I asked my cousins if it could be our theme song. And how they looked at me like I had 3 heads. (Secretly, I still think of it as our song. Hehe.) Super high-energy tune, I love the pace and spirit of it.

11. “Welcome Christmas” from How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Now I’m going to be the embarrassing cousin. This song reminds me of Katie because she has always looked like Cindy Loo Whoo (the cartoon not that creepy kid in the live-action one). Even though she’s an adult today, I’ll always remember what a darling little girl she was. And I feel sincerely lucky to have her as a friend now that she has become a beautiful woman.


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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

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  2. That insight\’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!


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