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Mama, I’m Coming Home

In case you forgot, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Time to celebrate the moms that make this world such an amazing place. Whether it’s the mom that gave you life, the one that raised you, someone that fulfilled the role in his or her own way, make sure you say thank you and celebrate what they have given you. Being a mom, mama, mother, mommy, or whatever name you call it is damn hard work. Here’s some tunes to celebrate with…

YouTube playlist is here if you’re so inclined (or your bad ass mom is.)

1. “Mother” by Danzig: Starting with one my own mother actually does enjoy. This hardcore metal anthem is nearly 25 years old- it got a reboot with a re-release as “Mother ’93” which makes me think mofo’s should go for the trifecta and release it again!

2. “Hey Mama” by Mat Kearney: For something completely different this little pop ditty might scare you more than the Danzig tune depending on your tastes. I just love me some Kearney. Clap along y’all.

3. “Mother, Mother” by Tracy Bonham: Sometimes mom’s make you scream, case in point- this rage-a-thon of a song. If you’ve seen me attempt this at karaoke- my apologies.

4. “Mom 100” by The Dudes: This song rocks with humor and great guitar riffs. These Canadian boys can do no wrong in my book. Pure party music. Play it for your mama and tell me what she thinks. My mom loves The Dudes and plays beer pong. #TrueStory Side note: these lyrics just slay me:

“It’s a nice night for a knife fight,

‘Who’d you think would die tonight?’

That’s what your mama said before she tried to cut me.”

(No YouTube. Spotify here, biatch.)

5. “Hey Me, Hey Mama” by Ray LaMontagne: With a vintage voice and down home charm Ray is always good for a hand-clapping, foot-stomping tune. And I like his beard.

6. “Does Your Mother Know?” by Abba: Another band my mom likes (and a staple during beer pong tournaments on Mother’s Day.) After a lot of champagne this song is even better…. just a tip.

7. “Wanna Be Your Mama Again” by Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers: If anyone is gonna make me say I like country music it’s gonna be Nicki Bluhm. Everything about her is endearing from her voice to the romance between her and bandmate/husband Tim Bluhm. Swoon. This song isn’t about a “mother” per se but I’m using it on a technicality. Shush. (And it’s a cover, just figured that out. #AmateurHour)

8.  “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J: This song reminds me of middle school, one of those songs that everyone was into. Except me, because I wasn’t cool enough and I’m still not. *shrug* The song’s inspiration was apparently the words of Mr. Cool J’s grandmother saying to “knock out” critics…. seems fitting here.

9. “Mama Said” by The Shirelles: A great upbeat tune, infectious and fun. A good reminder not to forget the classics and, of course, listen to your mama.

10. “Mother” by John Lennon: This song showcases everything wonderful about Lennon’s voice. From the soft sweetness of the first lines to the gritty cries of “mama don’t go” – damn good stuff.

11. “Mama I’m Comin’ Home” by Ozzy Osbourne: Who knew the Ozzman could be so sweet? I love the sentiment of this and Ozzy’s signature sound. Not what you might expect from a dude that bit the head off a bat back in the day, but it’s a great tune because or in spite of expectations.

Let’s here it for our mamas! Tell me the songs I miss and play them for the moms in your life.

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