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Start Again In The Month of May

Every month I like to highlight the shows I’m most looking forward to. I always end up adding some in along the way (for better or worse.) But here’s what I’m looking forward to in the glorious month of May. Let me know what your favorites upcoming shows are and I just might see you there. Damn I love this town and it’s magical musical offerings. *Swoon* Spoiler alert: my latest interview will be up tomorrow and happens to feature the singer of one of the bands on this list… 😉

5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, & 5/30 Vanja James at Bar Eleven: Every Wednesday night Vanja gives the gift of her killer lyrics, powerful vocals and charming self to the crowd at Bar Eleven. Whether she’s with or without some stellar musicians (like Haley Allen) backing her, she always gives it her all. I’m gonna try to make it over there at least once this month, if not more. Makes the crawl to mid-week bareable. Also look for my artist profile on Vanja James in this month’s Mission Valley News (shameless self-promotion… sorry.) Sound to sample for this one: “Thrill Less Nights” by Vanja James

5/3 Landis, The Nformals and The Alligator Republic at The Griffin: The Nformals earned a special place in my heart when they played the Casbah the night before my birthday. They’re energetic and fun (and I have forgiven singer, Joshua Scott, for looking too much like my ex-boyfriend). With the recent addition of a second guitar player, I’m excited to see the dudes’ progress. The young lads have paired with a couple other SD bands at one of my favorite venues, The Griffin. Free show on a weekend’s eve. Hells yeah. Sound to sample for this one: “White Like a Black Shirt” by The Nformals

5/4 The Heavy Guilt and The Black Sands at The Griffin: Looks like I’ll be spending lots of time at The Griff (can we make that a thing?) this month. The Heavy Guilt always delight and half the members make more music magic with The Black Sands. It happens to be TBS’ CD release party so I know they’ll bring their A game. They added on a couple more bands for even more reasons to come out. Sound to sample for this one: “Walkin’ With a Gun” by The Black Sands

5/5 Transfer, The Howls, and Black Hondo at The Casbah: I’m not sure I can even make this one yet, but I’m gonna try. Mostly I would love to see The Howls again. They have been doing a great job at a variety of venues and opening for some serious SD acts. This show should be no different. Really hoping to see an orange beanie on stage as well… Sound to sample for this one: “Weight” by The Howls

5/11 Family Wagon at Whistle Stop Bar: Just started getting into these guys. It’s very cool that 91X gives some love to local bands and in April it was Family Wagon with “Hard Times” Give that a listen and then let me know where I should meet you before the show. Yeah, that good. Sound to sample for this one (yeah I’m gonna say it again): “Hard Times” by Family Wagon

5/29 Greg Laswell with Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth & The Catapult at The Belly Up Tavern: I love Greg Laswell. I love the Belly Up. I don’t know Elizabeth Ziman yet, but spoiler alert: I’m gonna love her too. Sound to sample for this one: “I’d Be Lying” by Greg Laswell

Let me know where you’ll be in May and maybe you’ll see me there. Get it? Yeah I know, I annoy me too.

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