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Saturday Song Obsession & Summation of Sounds – 4/21/12

Someone told me to give  The White Buffalo a try with the recommendation that his voice would “give me chills.” With praise like that- how could I refuse? As I listened to his haunting voice it seemed familiar. After a little digging (thank god for the interwebs) I found this- The White Buffalo (aka Jake Smith) sang an unforgettable version of “House of the Rising Sun” for the season for finale of Sons of Anarchy. No wonder it sounded familiar! Love me some SOA and much of the music Kurt Sutter includes in the show is stellar. I was sold and with a few listens came a new song obsession…

“Wish It Was True” by The White Buffalo: The White Buffalo’s album, Once Upon A Time In The West, is thoroughly enchanted. His throaty deep vocals are just one part of the unique sound he creates. With a southern-tinge I’m almost too proud to call country- he blends the lines between genres with old-fashioned folk, rock, and yes country all interweaved into the mix. This song is one of his slower, somber numbers with the lyrics and chilling vocals taking the steering wheel. A soft guitar melody (with some violin, I believe) and aching lines of the song paint a vivid picture of loss and remorse- this stuff hits you in your gut.

Favorite Lyric:

Well your dreams, they’re reality.
There’s no pain, there’s no misery.
Just polish the blood and the brews.
For there’s just no way you can lose.
Well I wish it was true.

Can’t imagine how incredible The White Buffalo is live, but I get to find out next Saturday April 28th when he headlines The Belly Up with my hometown favorites, Dead Feather Moon. Stoked.

Summation of Sounds

Leaving Its Trails: An Interview with Joshua Zimmerman of The Silent Comedy – From out on the road foot stomper Josh Z gives a glimpse into what goes on under his hat, before the guys return to SD in June.

I Feel Fabulous: Ezekiel Jay and Not Machines at Soda Bar – My friend’s bday show was a blast and I discovered the music of, yet another, talented local act.

Not much to report as I gear up for an onslaught of good shows. If you have recommendations like “this artist will give you chills” send them my way.

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