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Shout ‘Til My Heart’s Content: The Heavy Guilt at The Casbah

By this past Saturday I was pretty exhausted after show-going, fun-having, and drink-imbibing, but I rarely miss a chance to see The Heavy Guilt. There’s also the fact that The Casbah is one of my favorite venues. Plus this completed the trifecta of shows we saw for my best friend’s birthday. We started with a heavy hitter Thursday, followed with an equally enjoyable Friday night, and THG was the perfect icing on the proverbial birthday cake. Undoubtedly one of our favorite bands and all around bitchen people.

© Photos courtesy of Amber Martin - Find more at Amber Martin Art and Photography

The guys and gal did their magic as always, taking the stage after I Wish I, Black Hondo, and The Beautiful View. As this was their SXSW send-off of sorts it was good to see the group looking poised and polished while still rocking. The range of the band is always striking to me. In the past they have sometimes played as a duo and while they are a bit more subdued in these arrangements, they are just as entrancing. When the full band is together, like Saturday, it’s like seeing puzzle pieces fall perfectly into place. And having them headline the club felt like a homecoming. Each member plays an integral part in what makes their sound distinct. It is my sincere hope that some folks in and around Austin get a glimpse at this and jump on board as fans- the more the merrier.

© Photos courtesy of Amber Martin - Find more at Amber Martin Art and Photography

Saturday I paid less attention to the set list than usual (maybe thanks to the tall PBR’s) and paid more attention to being present in the moment. Dancing with my friend and celebrating her birthday and our shared love of music was a perfect night. The Guilt even gave her a shout out on stage, it was beyond kind of them. The set was awesome, what I’ve come to expect and I will sing their praises as often and as high as possible, which brings me to…

Another fantastic note: later this week I have my first newspaper piece coming out for Mission Valley News. My section in the monthly publication, “Local Music, Local Love” will focus on profiling one artist or group in San Diego. I had to start with my favorite and I only hope I did them some justice. The paper will be in racks as early as Thursday morning, so keep a look out if you please (or use it to line your bird cage, whatevs).

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There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

One comment on “Shout ‘Til My Heart’s Content: The Heavy Guilt at The Casbah

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