Banging Down Your Door: The Spells and The Filthy Violets at The Whistle Stop Bar

For round 2 in my 3 shows in 3 days marathon I picked a bit of a low key option on Friday night. I’ve been trying to see The Filthy Violets for a while now and was pretty stoked to get a chance close to home. No cover and the chance to check out these dudes and another local band, The Spells… yes please.

The Filthy Violets put forth a great effort. Danceable, fun, and inspired little numbers. The quick-paced frenetic set was a crowd-pleaser. “You’re the Riot” and “Hollywood” were my favorite offerings from the guys. The young gents have a great blend of enthusiasm and a fair amount of talent-  there were a few things that stood out that seem like they could use some work …the bass had some kind of reverberation going on that was detracting from what could have been super solid bass lines, the drumsticks were hitting the metal on the kit which was a bit assaulting to my auditory nerves, and I think back-up vocals would be a really stellar addition to the mix. Jeremiah Lafica on guitar was a stand out to me with some killer riffs and brother Jesse Lafica’s vocals were on point. Overall a job well done. I hate to even mention the “critiques” as I have so much admiration and love for people that get on that stage (or floor in this case) and wear their passion on their sleeve. I put my passion on paper and that’s hard enough. I’ll be back for more of The Filthy Violets, no doubt.

Next up were The Spells. I had listened to a bit of them on Spotify, but wasn’t super familiar with them. Their live set was a solid performance and I’m officially a fan. “Dear Loneliness” showcases singer Ronnie Dudek’s voice and was my favorite song of the night. I thoroughly enjoyed Mia Stefanko on keyboards adding gentle richness to each tune. Matt Lynott looked at home behind the drums and had some style and flair in addition to talent. And Jonny Doan anchored the thing with solid bass lines. Some of the songs were a bit Pinback-esque, which is alright by me.

I’ll be on the look for both these bands soon… And write up my round 3 review as soon as this hangover lets me.

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About Jen Van Tieghem

There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

3 comments on “Banging Down Your Door: The Spells and The Filthy Violets at The Whistle Stop Bar

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