Music Magicalness in March

Usually I’d be having the post-birthday blues right about now. Add the half dozen awesome shows I saw in February to the fact that I love my birthday month and this is a recipe for me to crawl under the covers with a box of tissues, a Nicolas Sparks book, and spend March crying and feeling sorry for myself.

This is not going to be the case this year. Looking to the month ahead I am more than stoked by the shows in San Diego. Some of my favorite SD bands who haven’t played here in over a month are back and I’m excited to see some acts I’ve been intrigued by but not lucky enough to catch in action yet. Here’s a sampling of what I plan to see and hear this month (if I’m missing something here or on my Schedule of Sounds, let me know!)

3/3 The Heavy Guilt, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Smart Brothers, John Meeks, and Justin Rondon at Old Trolley Barn Park presented by Rogue Barrier FREE: I think I’ve made my love of the Guilt known just a tad. Add “free” to awesome music and this chick does a double happy dance. I’ve been meaning to check out John Meeks since Al Howard of The Heavy Guilt recommended him in my interview last month. Plus a few more acts I can scope out… great way to start the musical month.

3/8 The Silent Comedy, Dead Feather Moon, and The Howls at Belly Up Tavern: My anticipation for this show is palpable. When I heard about it and realized it happens to fall on the birthday of one of my best friends I subtly hinted to her that we should go (and by subtly I mean I threatened her with bodily harm.) The Silent Comedy have incredible stage presence and have showcased great new tunes; Dead Feather Moon possess a passion for music that exudes from each member of the band with complete authenticity; and The Howls have just entered my radar by kicking some major ass when I saw them last month. Add one of my favorite venues, a pre-show interview with Greg Peters of DFM, and two good friends coming along to the show and I’m pretty much gonna be doing my happy dance for the next week straight. Gonna. be. an. epic. night.

I may be guilty of sprinkling these around town after Peters gave me a stack of 'em. My apologies. Not really.

3/9 The Filthy Violets at the Whistle Stop Bar: Another band I’ve wanted to check out live. They caught my attention by giving my blog a shout out on Twitter. I have this weird thing about liking people who seem to like me. *shrug* From what I can tell the boys have their shit together. I’ve given their “Lackluster Blvd” record  a few dozen spins on Spotify and “Breakin’ In” has earned a place in my San Diego music-loving heart. Plus they are effing adorable. I’ve managed to not go to the Whistle Stop in over four years so that’ll be new all over again.

3/10 The Heavy Guilt, The Beautiful View and Black Hondo at The Casbah: I’m gonna go for a trifecta next week. Three shows in three nights. Why not? Life’s short. I can sleep when I’m dead. My liver will probably survive the abuse. I rarely miss a chance to see The Heavy Guilt and with a stacked bill of more bands to check out for the first time- I gotta do it. And the extended birthday celebration for my partner in crime can continue at another fantastic venue. [Side note: If someone wants to come check on me on Sunday the 11th that would be appreciated- bring pedialyte, bloody mary supplies, a burrito or three, and any Quentin Tarantino movie. Thanks.]

This poster is what sold me.

3/30 Hills Like Elephants, The Heavy Guilt, The Black Sands, and Sundrop Electrip at Soda Bar: Half of The Heavy Guilt have another band with some other awesome musicians and I’ve been dying to catch them live. This will be my first chance to see what The Black Sands have to offer (from what I’ve heard it’ll be as bitchen as everything else Al Howard does.) They’re currently working on putting out an album and using Kickstarter to get help with funding. Click here to learn more about the band and please kick them down a little dough if you can, support local music. Sounds in San Diego will give you a hug for it.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to my list as the month goes on (assuming I survive next weekend.) Recommendations of bands, venues, and musical happenings are always welcome so let me know what I’m missing in March via Facebook, Twitter, or plain ol’ email.

It’s sure as shit shaping up to be a memorable month (assuming I can remember it) hope to see some familiar faces and make new music-loving friends around San Diego.


About Jen Van Tieghem

There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

4 comments on “Music Magicalness in March

  1. See you at the Trolley Barn Park! Sara and I will have our little boy with us also. Be sure to say hi. Oh, and make sure you’re around to hear Smart Brothers. A real treasure, and they’re not in town very often.


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