This is Real Life: The Nervous Wreckords, Grand Tarantula, and Midnight Rivals at Anthology

I have a huge crush… on Anthology. This venue is everything I want to be in life- hip, fun, and attractive to lots of diverse people. The crowds always range in age and style and the bands are a reflection of the audience, with an eclectic assortment of acts coming through each day. I want to live in there.

Saturday’s show had a bit of something for everyone and I happened enjoyed all three acts immensely- as different as each was. Starting with a band I was unfamiliar with, Midnight Rivals pumped out a quick, lively set as fans filtered into the club. The band features members from lots of great San Diego bands of the past who continue to offer up unadulterated rock music. Singer, Charlie Ware, belts out songs, swigs on beer, and dances in a fashion that reminds me of an aerobic instructor I hate a lot and Mick Jagger, whom I hate a little less. Props to Ware for incorporating maracas and pelvis thrusts into a short, bitchen set.

Grand Tarantula continues to impress the shit out of me. I wish they’d put out a full length album sometime around… yesterday. Their punk-ish vibe blended with doo-wap harmonies throws my senses for a loop and I love every second of it. Their newest tune “Hey Amigo” had me dancing in such a foolish way I almost dropped the beer I conned an ex-coworker into buying for me. (Props to myself on the save.) Singer, Jordan Clark, manages to offer a brand of screaming vocals that still showcases his stellar abilities. His passionate delivery feels authentic and honest and I’ll be there every time I get a chance to see GT (which is not nearly enough.)

As if these two acts weren’t enough to fill a bill, Anthology went for a triple threat with The Nervous Wreckords headlining. They’re clever and fun, while managing to create a layered, vibrant sound. I’ve hailed Brian Karscig as San Diego music royalty before and I stand by that assertion. (Especially after meeting him after the show and geeking out so hard I called my blog “Sounds of San Diego.” Facepalm.) Even with their set starting close to midnight the atmosphere was alive and electric and the floor was full of excited fans, some went on to dance even more foolishly than myself (if that’s possible.) Karscig took the stage in his signature all black and delivered his style of emotive singing that has a story-telling quality I can’t quite do justice. “Doin’ it to Do it” offered a perfect summation of what makes TNW special- smart lyrics, quick-paced jams, and an opportunity to highlight each member of the band and what they bring to the stage. The aptly named “Classy Girls” makes me smile every time I hear it. Although I’m not (and probably never will be) a musician, I’m totally awe-struck by Cindy Cate and Lindsay Matheson on bass and guitar respectively. These chicks effing rock. They add an extra sexiness by being as talented as they are beautiful, and yes, classy. On a whole, the band makes churning out good tunes, looking good, and offering a good time look effortless.

Really? This is the best picture I got. -_-

With a high-energy show packed with bands who display legitimate passion and incredible abilities it’s no wonder I rode that musical high late into the night. And I paid for it in spades with a headache that lasted most of Sunday. But it was so worth it.

Sounds to Sample from The Nervous Wreckords:

“Classy Girls”

“Coming to an End”

“Doin’ it to Do it”

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About Jen Van Tieghem

There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

2 comments on “This is Real Life: The Nervous Wreckords, Grand Tarantula, and Midnight Rivals at Anthology

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