Looking Forward to February

Yesssssss….. It’s here…. *insert dramatic drum roll*

My birthday month!

Some of you may say “but you don’t get a whole month, Jen! You get one day!” My ex-husband used to say this as well and I will implore you, as I did him for seven consecutive years, can you, please, just be quiet and look pretty? (Sheesh, wonder why it didn’t work out with us.)

This month just happens to be chock full of festivities, with the birthday gods smiling upon me and showering San Diego with a shit storm of good shows. Here’s a preview of the ones I plan on attending so far, but hopefully I’ll add on along the way. 29 ain’t looking so bad anymore and with this much fun I may not even make it to 30.

2/6 Private Listener Show featuring The Shins at Croce’s: Holy shit. I had to update this post because I just got an email stating that I am on the list for this show courtesy of KPRI. Hot damn. I always enter their drawings to get a spot and this is the first time I actually got one. My birthday week is gonna start with a bang.

2/8 Saint Motel and The Heavy Guilt at The Casbah: Everything about the eve of my day of birth is going to effing rock. I started checking Saint Motel out on Spotify. They’re a bit more pop-esque than my normal thing but I dig it. And (if you haven’t noticed) The Heavy Guilt is a strong contender for my favorite SD band. I love love love them. Also, have I mentioned my affinity for The Casbah? This show is a recipe for awesome. Side note: I wonder if I can make my friends do a midnight countdown to my birthday with me at the show.

2/20 Get Back Loretta and Wendy Bailey and True Stories at The Casbah: As if one Casbah show this month weren’t enough to look forward to with rapt anticipation… I’ve recently discovered Get Back Loretta and just last weekend I blogged about the wonderful Wendy Bailey. It’s a Monday night show… but eff it- I’m sure I’ll live (unless I fall in the bathroom again after two PBR tall-boys.)

2/21 Gomez at Belly Up: My favorite band coming in concert just a little over a week after my birthday – that’s pretty much the only present I need this year (except, maybe, booze and a new apartment.) I’ve been in love with Gomez for about 15 years and in lust with Belly Up for about 7 of those. It was the first spot I saw Gomez in concert, coincidentally (circa 2005.) My show-going posse that night includes my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and (hopefully) close friend who I am forcing to be a full-fledged music fan. Can’t. fucking. wait.

2/25 The Nervous Wreckords, Grand Tarantula, and Midnight Rivals at Anthology: Yet another of my favorite venues is putting on an awesome show. It features some of San Diego’s finest musicians: Brian Karscig is San Diego rock royalty and Grand Tarantula have captured my heart as up-and-comers. And it’s a Saturday night show. At least my obituary will have some really cool shit in it if I happen to be struck dead by the sheer awesomeness of shows this month.

I wonder if March (or the rest of 2012) stands a chance to living up to the epicness my birthday month has brewed up… stay tuned to find out, check out my upcoming reviews on these shows and more, follow along on Facebook, and watch for falling drunk tweets.


About Jen Van Tieghem

There aren’t many things I love more than music. While life spins away at a rapid beat I’ve realized it’s important to spend it doing what I love – enjoying music in San Diego. I have a handful of favorite venues, a heart full of favorite bands, and decided to write about it.

3 comments on “Looking Forward to February

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