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Friday Find – “Kind of Blue” by Teenage Exorcists – 4/18/14

One wonderful side effect of being friends with other music writers in town is being turned on to great music.

Marissa Mortati of Of Shows and Burritos and I regularly send each other info on local bands and touring acts coming to town. But when the fabulous Miss Mortati suggested I check out Riverside group Teenage Exorcists I accidentally ended up on a website for three teenage girls who graduated from Bob Larson’s School of Exorcism (that exists?)…

Spoiler alert: TE is cuter than the teen bible-thumpers

Spoiler alert: TE is cuter than the teen bible-thumpers. Photo by Marissa Mortati – OfShowsandBurritos.com

After running in terror I ended up on TE’s bandcamp page spinning their 5-song EP and picked out “Kind of Blue” as my favorite straight away. Today’s Friday Find is an infectious blend of pop and rock has the kind of charming lyrics that us romantical nerds find so appealing.“When I don’t have a clue, you can be my Nancy Drew” being my favorite line. The fuzzy guitar riffs will melt your heart as you daydream of your sweetheart with this one.

And Mortati made this adorable stop-motion video for the song which you will watch now…

Good – now that you’re hooked I have wonderful news for you – the band will play The Hideout next Tuesday, April 22 with The Silver Palms! Formerly Eleven, The Void and many other iterations, The Hideout was recently remodeled and- from the looks of the pictures- greatly improved. So get your tickets and come shimmy shake with myself, Marissa, and this fun band coming through town. I can almost guarantee no one will have demons exorcised by a teen with blonde highlights.

Upcoming featured shows:

April 18 – House of Blues – Marsha Ambrosius with Mike Vale – $20+ – Online

April 20 – Bar Pink – Rags and Ribbons and Dynamo Fixx – Free – Online

April 27 – Epicenter - Above Seclusion and IM5 – $20 – Online

May 2 – Swedenborg Hall – The Lovebirds (Album Release) – $20 (includes CD) – Online

May 9 – Belly Up – The Johnny Clegg Band and Jesse Clegg – $28+ – Online

See more of my picks for the rest of the month in Downtown News and Uptown News

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Movie & a wine – Back to the Future: Part III & perhaps the weirdest wine pairing in history

My good buddy Cody Thompson, of ThreeBZine.com, and some friends of his – Dr. Gonzalo Quintero of Craft Beer Tasters LLC and Eugene Abano of Reviews Galore – have been doing something a little out of the ordinary with their respective websites (visit the links to catch up): They take movies they know (love?) and pair them with their drink of choice. For Doctor Q and Codester, it’s craft beer; for Mr. Abano, it’s soda — and for me, it’s gotta be wine. Also joining in the fun today are ZachNorris.Tumblr.com and Wu-E.com. Check ‘em out – and get back to my drivel down below this kick ass poster.


Cinematic gold.

My “real” wine writing can be found on San Diego CityBeat’s website here, but in the spirit of all things zany I picked a rather odd wine to pair with Back to the Future: Part III.

Based on my lukewarm expectation for the movie and the nickname of character, Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen, I picked a wine my father has warned me about for as long as I can remember. But just as Marty McFly brushes off Dr. Emmet Brown’s many warnings in the BTTF trilogy, I ignored the advice of my parental figure and purchased not one — but two — bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 (now branded as MD 20/20, because apparently acronyms rule.)

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

The “wine” I bought, if you can even call it that, came in two flavors: Blue “Bling Bling” (no joke) Raspberry and Orange Jubilee. Both were concern-worthy bright in color and purchased for under $10 total.

I turned on the flick and dove in head first while the Mad Dog chilled.

The movie gets right to the point: There’s a problem in the future (er, past) which McFly has come to get Brown’s help with and they once again join forces to right the wrongs in the universe. Or, at least the version of the universe they’re currently fucking with. Brown throws in a “Great Scott!” every 2.5 minutes and we’re on our way.

McFly travels to the old, wild west to help a future version of Brown avoid meeting his maker (because he’s travelled back in time to live as a blacksmith, if that makes any effin’ sense). There are some action sequences, some cheap laughs, and some mind-boggling scenarios even for a time travel flick.

FOR EXAMPLE: Why on god’s green earth would Marty’s paternal great-great grandmother look like his mother? Is this implying some sort of incest in the McFly bloodline? Or have I been watching too much Game of Thrones? I say both.

The plot of the film hinges, not on incest, but on Doc Brown’s debt to “Mad Dog” Tannen and his whirlwind romance with Clara Clayton (played by the always lovely Mary Steenburgen). The combination of which are about to get Brown killed if future Marty weren’t to intervene.

This near-death plot line is where my wine pairing comes in perfectly, or imperfectly, as it were.

I opened the Mad Dog bottles around the time McFly meets his great-great grandfather who somehow doesn’t notice their uncanny resemblance. As I was chuckling at McFly’s moonwalk in the saloon, I took a deep inhalation of the fragrance of the “wines.” The syrupy sweetness of both made me wish I was sniffing the horse manure that appears throughout the film.

I had to taste it next. Just as Steenburgen’s adorable curls sprung up to give the film some much-needed spirit, I took a sip of the not-so-needed flourescent blue spirit in front of me. Its flavor was something I would describe as melted otter pop mixed with rat poison. The Orange Jubilee was slightly better but also tasted like it might kill me. The flavor profile was something like a bad batch of orange juice that someone dropped a chlorine tablet in. I’m missing the chance at an awesome pun about Tannens versus tannins but this ain’t real wine so whatevs. 

When I get my Delorean, I’m gonna take a hoverboard to the face of 2014-me that thought trying this wine was a good idea.

This guy smells better than MD 20/20

This guy smells better than MD 20/20

The Good: Steenburgen. She was pretty much my favorite part. I like how she said “Emmett” with her little twang and she got to say it about 100 times during the movie.

"Oh Emmett!" -- Steenburgen's the tits.

“Oh Emmett!” — Steenburgen’s the tits.

The Bad: The movie is pretty “bad” but entertaining as well. The real bad was the wine — not even worth the novelty of it.

Overall: Next time I want to watch the third installment of a trilogy and drink cheap wine, I’m going with Return of the Jedi and Two Buck Chuck Merlot.

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Friday Find – “The Shortcut” by Brothers Weiss – 4/11/14

Brothers Weiss returns from their first tour tonight! [More on that over at San Diego Uptown News.]

In honor of the dudes’ homecoming I chose my favorite song from their EP Conversations for this Friday FindI particularly like the plaintive vocals on this one which match the poetic lyrics. Plus I’m impressed any time the word “chimera” pops up in an indie rock tune.



When BW released the track in January it was accompanied by a great piece of artwork (above) by the talented Matthew Bradley. Bradley also happens to be the singer/guitarist for Diamond Lakes who will open at Soda Bar tonight with a little bit of grunge, pop, and rock all mixed together (and of course Bradley’s bulging biceps to admire.)

Rounding out this homecoming show is rock-pop-soul outfit Jackson Price. Don’t miss out – only $6 for this one!

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The New Kinetics: Back with a Bang – Part III

Tonight’s the night! The New Kinetics will be reuniting in a big way at Casbah with Gloomsday, Schitzophonics, and The Nformals. Catch up on this three part interview here and here and read on and rock on!

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Peterson

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Peterson

Part III: 

Sounds In San Diego: In hindsight and now looking ahead- what do you thing the biggest obstacles that The New Kinetics will be facing here in San Diego scene?

Joshua Kmak: I’m so positive about this I don’t see any.

Birdy Bardot: Me neither I think it’s a great scene.  I think it’s super supportive.  It’s changed a lot over the last coupla years.  And it’s like for the good.  There’s a lot of people that are supporting local music.  I don’t think that that many when you (Indicates Brian Reilly) were in Hotel [St. George] People back it really enthusiastically.   They want to go to shows they want to see you perform.  I don’t think there are that many.

Brian Reilly: When I was in Hotel the scene was a very self-serving type of environment. It’s completely different now.  Over the last two or three years it has gone from being very compartmentalized to you know musical style.  From exhibition to full on branded shows you see that.  People wanna listen to each other.

Jon Bonser: There are obvious obstacles but they’re easy to overcome them.  There are places to play.  I feel like you get out of it what you put into it.

Reilly:  If you limit yourself you decide your own level.

Kmak: I feel like sometimes it takes a thing falling apart to see how it works.  Looking at it and how we are now is quite different.  Sometimes you have to take a step back to appreciate what you have,-even more.

Reilly:  I think we spent too much time in the middle of a mess last year.  It is a totally different environment than it was five six years ago.  Bands were not crossing over into different neighborhoods and genres to see each other play and now it’s completely normal to see some band that is extraordinarily heavy and they are sitting at the Tin Can listening to a full blown pop band.  And vice versa pop bands that are wandering around wearing Deep Sea Thunder Beast t-shirts.  Y’know it’s a completely different environment.  Hopefully it doesn’t stop. Cause I remember like seven years that there was kinda an environment like that not nearly as close and it kinda just stopped.  It looked like it was turning into that but it just stopped.  At this point it doesn’t appear to be doing that it seems to be expanding.

Bardot:  Yeah there’s constantly newer bands.

Bonser: And y’know five years ago when we started the band nobody was playing garage rock.

Reilly:  Not unless they were literally in a garage trying to figure out cords.

Bonser:  There really wasn’t a lot of people for us to play with  . We had heard about this band, The Schitzophonics, but that was about it.  But we didn’t know them.

Bardot:  At the time.  Then we saw them at The Skybox and it was like YES!!!!

Bonser: And now there’s a bajillion bands out there.

Reilly: The Schitzophonics.  They are still that band that I like to go see.  Cause A) It’s really extraordinarily good to see them play. And B) Simultaneously it makes me wanna go home and practice. A lot.

Bonser: I think the other thing that we’re gonna try and do is play less shows.  Not like we were like almost once a weekend.

Reilly: You can do once a month in every city.  If we wanna do more shows we just gotta get out and do more cities.

SISD: So you are talking about touring more?

Reilly and Bonser: Yes.

5 S’ of Sounds in SD 

Sound you love:
Kmak: The click of the Storm Topper’s boots clicking when they march.

Reilly: Yeah that’s not bad actually.

Kmak: And anyone who reads this will know what I’m talking about. Also mixing macaroni and cheese.

Reilly: Oh!  That sounds gross!

Kmak: That’s one of the best sounds ever.

Reilly: I won’t advocate the mac & cheese part,-that’s a filthy noise.

Bonser: I think we should do a collective answer…

Bardot: The sound of the Ice Cream Man’s truck.  Mr. Softy.  I used to love that- is that too weird?  And little beagle puppies howling. They’re just adorable.

Sound you hate:

Bonser: My neighbors yelling at their kids all day long.

Kmak: That! That’s the best one.

Reilly:: I hate it when people are behind you and light just turns and  they don’t give you the “mem mem”, the “Hey heads up” honk, they just give ya the MMMMEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMM, “Fuckin’ Bullshit!” honk and they just lean on the horn.

Spot in SD you have to see:
Bardot: Coronado Theatre,-it’s a really fun theatre.  We love Coronado plenty.  We love hanging out there, if you haven’t been to San Diego and you’re gonna see a movie and you’re gonna see a movie that’s where ya gotta go. Ah oh and Mt. Helix! That place is awesome fun.

Kmak: I tell everybody to go see a show at Bujwah- it is a tiny art house and they put on shows.

Bardot:  Yeah they are putting on some fantastic shows there.  They have art work.  They’ve been around for a little while I remember about a year ago when the fella was opening up the shop.  I think they’ve done a bunch of “Bujwah presents” shows and they kinda transport their art gallery over to the shows it’s a good scene definitely worth checkin’ out.

Reilley: Tourmaline Beach I used to go there like daily when I still had my wagon and I would just go get in the water for like 8 hours straight.  The place is just buried on a dead end and there’s like a bunch of crazy old cats that hang out there but it’s like my favorite spot to be at.

Bonser: I think if you’re coming to San Diego Motor Sport Scooters. I don’t really get out too much or anything but…

Kmak:  I might also add Sutton’s [Papanikolas, from Neighbors To The North] house. It’s the coolest house in the world.

Reilly:  That is a pretty nice house.

Sand Diego band you’re a fan of:

Bardot: I have a bit of a soft spot for really good punk rock, that’s how I started and I think that the touchies don’t get mentioned enough so I gotta say the touchies. They’re really hard workers and Stanze is an amazing front person who has that stage make up that I’ve always wanted.  That like “OK we’re the touchies and we’re gonna play a song!” And they’re really great so I kinda wanna spotlight them if I can.  Obviously there are so many bands that I like that it’s really unfair to even say that I have any favorites.  But I do wanna say them cause the other great thing about them is that they are sooo supportive.  They are at every show.  And they never get on the list.  They’re happy to pay they’re happy to support and they’re the nicest people.  I mean we’re really lucky that our scene is really nice but I wanna highlight them cause they make that extra effort.  There are just sooo many good bands. I mean The Frights just knock my socks off they are so fun to watch.

Kmak: I want it to be special so I gotta think about this…Go see Kids- I saw them at the Ché Café  about a week ago with The Frights and they knocked my socks off.

Reilly: Band I’m a fan of?  I’m a fan of so many of them.  Let’s see If I had to pick a band that’s really blew me away I’d have to say Deep Sea Thunder Beast. Justin [Cota] told me it’s kinda heavy so feel free if you wanna leave.  And he was like all: You didn’t leave? And I was like “Nope.”

Bonser: I’m so terrible about that. I haven’t been out to see that many recently so I’m gonna go with The SchitzophonicsThe Nformals are good too.

Reilly: I don’t really like that band *grins widely*

Song that makes you smile:

Reilly: “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny. Ever since I was like five that song has made me smile or “Salute Your Solution” by The Raconteurs,I ‘m sorry I know that’s like their run away single but it’s just… I remember hearing that song and thinking I wanna play music like this.

Kmak: “Girlfriend” by Ty Segall

Bonser: I’ve been listening to that Tame Impala song “Glass Half Full of Wine”.

Bardot:  I can’t decide!!!

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The New Kinetics: Back with a Bang – Part II & Friday Find: “Reverie” – 4/4/14

From the “editor” Jen VT:

Yesterday we launched this three-part interview with The New Kinetics. [Read part I here.] Clearly, we’re all so excited to see the band reunite tomorrow April 5 at the Casbah. And one of our contributors and TNK super fan Natalie Watson Webber sat down to find out how we got here. Enjoy a few more questions and answers below and also give a listen to one of our favorite TNK tracks, “Reverie.”

In keeping with our weekly tradition we share this song as my Friday Find. It is a long time favorite and I’m excited to introduce (or re-introduce) it to you. To me represents the dreamy romantic state in which we anticipate the band’s reunion. “The feeling’s different this time around…”


Part II:

Sounds in San Diego: What was the decision process like from the band’s point of view to get back to this point?  Deciding to come back and make a go of it?
Joshua Kmak: It was a big deal-it took meetings. It wasn’t like ‘Ok let’s do this.’  ‘Yeah sure!’ It was like a coupla weeks of processing.
Birdy Bardot: It was a big deal. Thinking about it and deliberating.
Jon Bonser: There were meetings.

Kmak: There were talks.

Bardot: We all kinda knew that it was the right thing to do- I hope. I mean it definitely feels right to me.

Brian Reilly: Yeah it wasn’t a snap decision.  And everybody wasn’t on-board.  And I was nervous about it.  Cause there were some parts of it where it could be it hellish.  It’s the conflicts you can have running a band.  Doing this all over again.  It coulda been pretty bad.

Kmak: It wasn’t just an reboot.  It was like:  “Ok if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this.”

Reilly: Yeah,-it wasn’t like we were just gonna play one show and relive old memories.  Y’know fuck that shit.  Y’know let’s go and put a whole new record out.  A good record.  The kinda record that we’ve been trying to make the last two or three times.  Without all the fluffy overdubs…

Bonser: I mean I feel like we were asking ourselves these questions we were still didn’t really know all the answers to yet.  We haven’t played any shows, we haven’t recorded anything.  We haven’t had any sessions yet.  We’re sorta still feeling it out.  I think one of the decisions early on is that we’re gonna try and have more fun this time and not be as serious.

Bardot: Yeah absolutely.

Reilly: Not be a bunch of Gloom Cookies.

Bonser: Just not try and take everything all quite so seriously.

SISD: Given the band’s phenomenal prior success what do you feel biggest challenges will be this time around? Or do you think it’ll be easier in a way?

Bonser: I dunno. I think we can just pick up where we left off.  For the most part.  Is it gonna be easier?  I dunno? I hope not.

Kmak: You hope it’s not easier?

Reilly: I hope not. Cause I felt like,-I dunno about you guys but I was getting lazy towards the end I see footage of the last show and I think ‘That’s not the way to do it.” I was falling over and I was exhausted.  And I know me and Jon butted heads cause I told Jon “I’m burnt out.” Cause I’ve been going at it for like six years straight you’re watching holidays come and go and you don’t really have those holidays without that; cause it’s that people that you’re playing with that that you wind up celebrating that sorta stuff with and that’s where it’s tough with Oh sure birthdays come and go but Hey, who give a fuck if you’ve got your birthday schedule open cause all the people you woulda been spending time with are gone cause you don’t play music.  You know like I hope it’s not easy.  And we react better when it’s a mess. And that we react better when there are other bands that are very competitive.  Cause we’re not the best band.  I mean we try to write the best songs.  But I mean by the time TNK was wrapping up last time I definitely coasted into that landing. It was embarrassing.  I looked at footage from that last show and it was just ridiculous.  I looked like a bible salesman and played guitar like a nancy.

Bonser:  He has very high standards.

Reilly:  I dunno… everybody else on stage was paying their dues and I was up there just restin’ on my laurels.

Bonser: I feel like we have something to live up to. So that’s kinda stressful.  Like if we don’t nail this first show. Y’know?

Reilly: Yea that could be bad.

Bardot: We’re sounding good. I’m really excited about it.  I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Bonser: I think where we left it there were still some unanswered questions.  So we can play the Casbah on a Friday and headline so what’s the next step?  What’s that step beyond? Playing LA?-

Reilly:  Yeah that great invisible barrier.

Bonser:  Or finding a label support etc.

Kmak:  That’s why we need to have a dinner party with guests.

Reilly:  A dinner party? Can I wear a top hat?

Bardot:  Why not a tea party?

Reilly:  Yes, we’ll all walk about and say “Hello fellow gentlemen musicians…”

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Petersen

Photo by Paul Ryu & Kara Petersen

SISD: Tell us how the 4/5 show came about? And how that would be the debut?

Reilly: I blame him (points at Kmak)

ALL: *laughs*

Kmak:  Yeah,-that would be my fault.

Reilly: Yup,-I was actually really surprised that you went along with it. I didn’t think ya would. (points at Bonser)

Bonser:  Why?

Reilly:  Well, cause like I know that you were-well that *is* a good show.  I guess I just didn’t really think that

Bonser:  My criteria was let’s play on a Friday

Bardot:  They are fun to watch.

Kmak: Originally the show was gonna be Justin Cota’s [Gloomsday] birthday show…It was gonna be The Frights, Gloomsday and the Nformals.  And I had accidentally told Tim Mays that I was gonna try and get the Schitzophonics on the bill.  Then I remembered that they might be on tour at that time.  And I was like Crap! I’m losing Tim Mays I gotta reel him back in with something so I dropped the bomb on them (BR, BB, & JB) that: I know that this is a long shot but there’s this show happening at The Casbah in April would you wanna do it??  And surprisingly everyone was onboard.  So I got back to Tim and I said “Hey, The New Kinetics might be interested in making this their return show. And he said: “Oh how about we make it a Saturday? Or this Friday or something?” And then a coupla emails later we have a monster of a show and it all worked out.

Reilly:  Yeah,-it ain’t too bad.

Bonser: I mean I think outta any of the bands that we’ve played with I think the Schitzophonics, that’s the bands that we want around us. Right?

Bardot:  Yeah.  I mean they’re all such fun performers.  And you can never get enough of watching Justin and Lori.

Bonser:  And of course the Nformals too, Josh.

Bardot:  Oh YEAH!  Everyone’s such great performers.

SISD: Are you guys going back into the studio anytime soon?

Reilly: Yes as quickly as possible.

Bonser: We have get things cleaned up a bit,-but the general plan is the next month or two. We’ll be back.

Bardot: Yup.

Reilly: We’re probably just short of an  EP right now.

Kmak: Can I say how excited I am excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on?

Bardot & Reilly: No. Yeah.

Kmak:  It’s so good.  *Cheshire cat smile spreads across JK’s face*

Stay tuned for part III/the finale of this interview tomorrow/Saturday before the big show!

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The New Kinetics: Back with a Bang – Part I

If you were anywhere on the San Diego music scene last year you know that tragedy struck as summer was about to commence. Saturday, June 29, 2013 at The Tin Can was the site of what we all heartbrokenly believed was the last New Kinetics show. The place was packed to capacity as people stood on the street to hear the last lingering notes from Brian Reilly, Birdy Bardot, Jon Bonser and newest member Josh Kmak. And TNK didn’t disappoint-they killed, leaving the stage in ashes behind them. And with that a gaping hole in our SD musical family.

Not only were The New Kinetics outrageously talented bringing rock with a vibe from a time gone by, they were amazing people who cared about and touched fans who shared their passion for music. They grew the scene they were instrumental in cultivating. They left an open wound in our collective hearts when they left.

Remaining members moved on- we had the debut of Leslie Schultze’s (former TNK bassist) Flaggs, Josh Kmak (newest bassist) continued in The Nformals and Jon Bonser (drummer) started up with Soft Lions. Yet the chemistry, passion, and most of all, kinship that was so palpable each time The New Kinetics took the stage was yet to be replicated. The leading couple of the band Brian Reilly (guitarist/singer) and Birdy Bardot (singer) moved and our hopes moved on as well.

Then one amazing day San Diego learned that two were returning- Brian and Birdy were coming home. The question on all of our minds was “Will they or won’t they?” followed by “They’ve got to, right?”.

For months we heard nothing and most of us stopped pestering them. Until mid-February and the news we were almost too afraid to hope for broke- The New Kinetics were back together and they had a killer show lined up at The Casbah.

That’s when we started buying tickets and basking in shared reflective glory- anticipating what new gems TNK had in store for us. We were literally counting the days until Saturday, April 5th.

The wait is nearly over.

Photo by Paul Ryu and Kara Petersen

Photo by Paul Ryu and Kara Petersen


This interview was conducted three days after the news broke that not only were The New Kinetics back together but there was a monster of a show to get excited about.

Take a peek behind the curtain of the world that belongs to The New Kinetics, whether you’re an old fan or you’ve never been to a show- I guarantee there’s nowhere else you should be this Saturday. This renunion show at The Casbah promises a night of rock that will knock your socks off and make you, not only a fan, but probably a friend of TNK for life.

The New Kinetics play with Gloomsday, The Schitzophonics and The Nformals this Saturday, April 5 at 9 p.m. tickets (if there are any left) are a mere $10 get ‘em here.

Sounds in San Diego: What were the dynamics that lead to the reuniting of TNK?!?! ‘Cause when you [Brian & Birdy] moved back that was the first question everyone was asking. So what lead up to this now?

Joshua Kmak: I know exactly what lead up to this,-we wanted to start a band, at least me, Brian, and Jon. We did get together the first time with Leslie. But I think there was a time when we were in the room rehearsing and we all looked at each other and said “What’re we doing? We should just get The New Kinetics back together.” I don’t remember who planted that seed but someone said it and it just sounded like the right idea.

Jon Bonser: We were just playing and we said Birdy’s not here.

Brian Reilly: I think,-I didn’t think it was gonna happen. And then we were supposed to jam. It was supposed to be me and you (points Kmak) and then you (points to Bardot) popped outta the woodwork and said “I wanna be involved, I gotta be involved” And I was like “Ok.” And you (indicates Bonser) came to me like a week later and said “Well Leslie’s interested in getting in on this.” And I was like “What about Flaggs?” And you said “Yeah, she’s still gonna do that too. But she’s interested in being involved.” And then we were all finally… just standing there in the room and then it sounded really good. We did a buncha new songs and everybody’s all “YEAH!” I opened up my mouth and sang,-this is alright but not the really the same. I’m just not that good of a singer. I guess that’s how it all started.

Birdy Bardot: And I was like woo-hoo!

Reilly: No you were mad. You were mad. “Wait a minute you’re gonna be in a project with Jon and Josh and Leslie?” And I was like “Yeah.”  And you were like “Man, fuck you guys.”

Bardot: I did not say that you’re misquoting me.

Reilly: You totally said that.

Bardot: *Giggles* Nah that’s not true. I said ‘that’s gonna sound real awesome.’

Reilly: It’s true,-it’s totally true. It’s what she said. “That’s gonna sound great!” like a parent hanging up their kid’s project.

Bardot: *Giggles*

BR: A project right up here on the fridge! “Real good Honey, let’s put that right here in the center….Brian’s gonna sing Oh, that’s lovely.” *In Liverpudlian accent* “Yes, Ringo this is so good we’re putting it right up here on the fridge.”

All: *laughing*

SISD: So how did Birdy get in the act? Did you need to say “If it’s gonna be The New Kinetics then let me be involved.” Was there much cajoling involved? Or none at all?

Reilly:   She didn’t ask.

SISD: You guys did?

Reilly:   Yeah.

SISD: Awesome.

Reilly:   Yeah ‘cause you [Bardot] didn’t ask. You were like fine whatever fuck you. No I really forget how it leapt into the next thing. I think everybody kinda liked it and I think-

Bardot: And of course a Ruddy’s meeting to make sure everybody was cool.

Reilly: Yeah cause Leslie was involved and then she was like “Well, I’m moving.” So that stunted it.

Bardot: So yeah we scheduled a practice and it worked out really well. Really well. I mean without me missing a beat and we were all like “Wow!”

Kmak: That’s my favorite part: about how we’ve been secretly practicing.

SISD: So how long have the secret practices been going on?

Reilly: Current incarnation?

Bonser: We’ve only had what three? Two? Two.

Reilly: We had like three practices, but it kinda was weird we had a song that we did as “The Thieves.” [It] was like the rehearsal where we realized we needed to just jump back in. And then we had a coupla writing sessions at the house that don’t really count as practices so we came in then the last two rehearsals the songs just started falling out of us all over again. It was like very different from The New Kinetics of a year ago. The New Kinetics of a year ago were just run a set list and try and write a song. I remember me and Jon trying to write a song- just drums and guitar. I actually stopped and said “This is horrible.” And Jon was like “This sounds like a Bruce Springsteen song” And it was at that point I realized that my life was over.

Bonser: We hadn’t meant for it to come out that way.

Reilly: No we didn’t. It was a terrible song. It was horrible- I was writing it and as I was playing it I was like “This is the stupidest shit I have ever heard in my life.” But then the last coupla rehearsals (recently) we had it was like it was just a total reboot button all the sudden- you were turning around [and] someone comes up with a part and you just add your own thing and the next thing you know it just falls together. I couldn’t write anything by the time TNK was coming into the last show and then we were in Philly I was sitting on the carpet and I hadn’t played guitar in like a month and a half and then all the sudden the next thing you knew the songs just kept coming up. It was like hitting a reset button. Everybody else can keep on writing. They were always able to write. I can’t. I can’t write all the time. Especially by the time we were done- like last year. I couldn’t write a thing and what I did I shouldn’t have.

SISD: So can we expect a mix of the old and the new catalog? Is it gonna sound a lot different? The new songs that are coming out? ‘Cause you said that it sounds a lot different.

Reilly: It’s so much better. It’s so much better that, like, we don’t even know what…some songs we’re gonna keep on playing and others we were talking about that the other day. Like a set list and somebody was like “Let’s play ‘Serpentine’.” And I said: “Screw that shit. I mean I like that song but the new stuff is so much more animated better.”

Bardot: It’s fun.

Reilly: It’s got more identifiable, it’s got more personality it’s got its own identity. Versus some of the stuff that was on the back end of In Stereo , which wasn’t bad. It just didn’t get people moving. It’s a good record.

Bonser: I mean I think part of the reason we aren’t gonna change the name is so we have access to that back catalog.

Reilly: Yeah, I mean we wrote it. Some of them are really good to play. And I think it would be more of a lie to change our name.

Bardot: It does sound like us. It’s not like it’s completely different.

Bonser: Well, we could change our name. I think I would be uncomfortable playing a bunch of New Kinetics songs if we did that though. So it suffices keeping the name.

Reilly: Plus, I mean, we are The New Kinetics. Y’know like y’know this is the band as it was. It would be silly to call us The New Kinetics if Bird playing with me y’know and it wasn’t Jon and Josh or vice versa that would be kinda ridiculous. But it’s the same exact band. It would be more of a lie to change the name now. We heard one or two people who were like “Oh you should change the name cause of all the great fanfare you got for the great going away.” And we didn’t know what the hell was going on at the time. A bunch of crazy shit happened. I mean we were,-the two of us were basically homeless when we got back here five months ago. And more shit happened and things were outta control.

Badot: Great fuel for song writin’.

Reilly: And then somebody says “maybe you should change the name.” And it’s like “why?” We’re not a different band. It’s the same band. We’re just writing another record. And who gives a fuck?

Bardot: He’s gonna want that in quotes. *giggles*

Reilly: I mean really- who cares about that shit?

Stay tuned for part II of this interview tomorrow and the finale on Saturday before the big show!

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Friday Find – “Wheel” by Oh, Spirit – 3/28/14

♪♫♪ Welcome to Friday Find! ♪♫♪

Today I’m introducing a new feature – Friday Find. Each week myself (or one of my cohorts) will pick a special song to share. Hopefully we’ll introduce you to new tunes, new videos, plus some older stuff- all in the hopes of promoting an upcoming album, show, crowd-funding campaign, or other bad ass thing a band is doing. Which brings me to my point…

soda bar show poster 40514 PRINT (1)

My first Friday Find is by one of my absolute favorite local bands – Oh, Spirit. Their latest single,”Wheel,” is a dreamy meandering number with shades of The Beatles interweaved with their own pop-rock flavor. The kind of song that gets stuck in your head and you’re perfectly fine with it finding a home there. This one will give you just a taste of what the versatile group can do and you’ll inevitably want more. Lucky for us they’ll be headlining Soda Bar for the first time next Saturday, April 5 with Diatribes and Michael McGraw and The Butchers! And even better – I’m giving away 2 tickets to the show!!

So give this tune a listen (or several), and leave a comment below (or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and you’ll be entered to win! Winner will be chosen at random and announced a week from today! Excited yet?? Just wait ’til you hear this song.

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